Course Detail: NC-IOPBDG - Board Governance for Nonprofits: How to be a Board Member Worth Having

There is no degree in being a nonprofit board member. People join boards because they care. But, anyone involved in a nonprofit knows bad board members: they don't show up, they don't follow through, they disrupt and distract, or they have to be 'managed.' It doesn't have to be this way, and it starts with understanding the role - what it is, and what it isn't. In this course designed for board members or future board members, and for staff who support their boards, we will distill the essential elements of board service and uncover how to be a legendary board member.

In this course, participants will explore:
  • The 'Main Jobs' of a Board Member
  • Full Roles/Responsibilities of a Board Member
  • Fundraising, Advocacy, and Community Engagement
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Governance
  • Board/Staff Partnership
Online sessions will be held live online as scheduled. Built-in breaks are provided throughout the session. Participants also experience the added benefit of establishing valuable professional relationships within the cohort.

Ryan Ripperton brings with him over 23 years' experience leading nonprofit organizations, 18 of which were as a nonprofit executive director. Previously serving as the executive director of SPARC, a youth arts education organization, Ryan's team raised over $16 million, and expanded its budget by 300% contributing to the organization's reputation even further. Ryan also has experience serving as a nonprofit volunteer, board member, officer, and campaign committee member for multiple nonprofit organizations.  Now managing his own consulting firm, Ryan draws on decades of best practices along with personal and professional experience to help nonprofit leaders and their teams to find sustained success within the communities they serve.

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