Course Detail: IOPSTRY - Storytelling for Nonprofits: Moving Your Audiences to Action

Who doesn't love a good story? One with a build-up, some mystery, highs, lows, and then a magical happy ending. In philanthropy, stories bring organizational mission to life. They help us educate and inspire. But what if you don't think of yourself as a storyteller? What if you aren't sure if what you're sharing feels huge enough to move someone else to care? What if your story doesn't have a happy ending? 

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Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to connect with others and to find our shared humanity. This course will explore ways to make daily reflection and telling everyday stories a more natural habit. We'll discuss methods and resources to help you express the heart in the heavy, the names behind the numbers. Whether the story is "big" or "small" - it's the moments within them that move mountains. 

In this course, participants will:
  • Review storytelling as a tool to communicate need and impact
  • Participate in storytelling
  • Explore best practices in philanthropic storytelling
Online sessions will be held live online as scheduled. Built-in breaks are provided throughout the session. Participants also experience the added benefit of establishing valuable professional relationships within the cohort.

Tricia Puryear brings her expertise to this workshop with 25+ years of experience as nonprofit professional, currently serving as VP of Social Responsibility and Strategic Partnerships at the YMCA of Greater Richmond.

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