Course detail: Trench Rescue Awareness/Operations National Certification

Certification Exam for Rope Rescue Awareness, Trench Rescue Awareness and Trench Rescue Operations, accredited by IFSAC.

WRITTEN TEST: There is a 100-question written test.

SKILLS TEST: There are two (2) skills stations with up to seven (7) skills each.

STANDARD: The certification test is based upon the NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications, 2021 edition, Chapter 5, Rope Rescue, and Chapter 12, Trench Rescue.

  • Ron "Z" Zawlocki and Craig Dashner (JBL) Trench Rescue: Principals and Practices to NFPA 1006 and 1670 4rd edition,
  • 2022 CMC Rescue Inc. (CMC-6th) Rope Rescue Manual, 6th edition, 2021

The specific referenced pages are listed in the Trench Rescue Operations Certification Guide, available on the KFRTI website.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: The required personal equipment for each candidate is listed in the Rope Rescue Operations Certification Guide, available on the KFRTI website.

FEES: The fee for this certification test is $30.00 for Kansas fire service and Kansas fire students and $120.00 for non-Kansas fire fighters.

Effective immediately the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute will not invoice individuals. Payment should be made at the time of registration via credit card.

Fees may be invoiced to organizations ONLY if a Purchase Order from that organization is provided to the Institute, via email or fax, prior to the event. After receipt of the purchase order, the Institute will manually register the students and invoice the organization. Please call KFRTI at 785-864-9924 to utilize this option.

KU provides accommodations for certification candidates in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Documentation of the diagnosis from a qualified professional, and a request for accommodation, should be submitted in writing to the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute Certification Manager at or call 866-804-8841 at least two weeks prior to the exam. The submitted documentation will help KFRTI identify appropriate accommodations. The two-week advanced notice/request allows the Institute to assemble the resources necessary for the accommodation.

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Course Resources
Trench Awareness/Operations National Certification Preparation Guide (PDF Document)

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