Course detail: Volunteer and Combination Fire Officer

The Frontline Leadership for the Volunteer and Combination Fire Officer Class helps to defines the role of fire officers, equipping them with a comprehensive skill set that acknowledges traditions in the fire service and recognizes modern challenges.

Designed to cater to the unique needs of volunteer and combination departments, this class offers a curriculum that integrates traditional firefighting values with modern management techniques. Aspiring and seasoned fire officers alike will benefit from a curriculum that covers not only tactical firefighting strategies but also emphasizes leadership, communication, community engagement, and adaptive decision-making.

With a focus on collaboration and resource management, the Fire Officer Class sets a new standard, empowering fire officers to efficiently navigate complex emergency scenarios while fostering a culture of teamwork and professional growth within their departments and their communities.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to participate in University of Kansas educational offerings. If you require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this event, please email or call 866-804-8841 at least two weeks before the first day of the event.

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