Course detail: Trench Rescue Operations - NFPA 2021 Training

Trench Rescue Operations is a three-day (24 hours) course designed to meet NFPA 1006, 2021 Edition, Chapters 5.1, 12.1 and 12.2, covering rope rescue awareness, trench rescue awareness, and trench rescue operations levels. This class covers the basics of trench rescue for non-intersecting trenches to a depth of eight feet or less. It includes initial scene size-up, hazard identification and mitigation, interview techniques, non-entry rescue techniques, atmospheric monitoring and mitigation, developing and implementing shoring plans, releasing entrapped victims and removal operations, and disassembling trench support systems. The course format includes lectures and hands-on application of skills on planned structures or natural environments involving strenuous physical activity and the ability of the student to do moderate to heavy lifting.

Students Provided Text:
Trench Rescue Principles and Practices to NFPA 1006 and 1670: Fourth Edition (2022)
Published by Jones and Bartlett Learning

Introduction to Rope Rescue Operations

Special Info:
Personal protective equipment is to be furnished by the student and includes an OSHA or ANSI approved helmet with chin strap (fire helmets okay), clean leather work gloves (firefighting gloves are not appropriate), durable work clothes (no tank tops or shorts), and hard-toed boots. Fire department turnout gear is not recommended except during inclement weather.

KU provides accommodations for certification candidates in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Documentation of the diagnosis from a qualified professional, and a request for accommodation, should be submitted in writing to the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute Certification Manager at or call 866-804-8841 at least two weeks prior to the exam. The submitted documentation will help KFRTI identify appropriate accommodations. The two week advanced notice/request allows the Institute to assemble the resources necessary for the accommodation.

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