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Course detail: CERTFO2 - Fire Officer 2
Certification Test for Fire Officer Level 2, accredited by IFSAC and ProBoard.

PREREQUISITE FOR THIS CERTIFICATION: The candidate must have successfully certified at the Fire Officer 1 level prior to being awarded this certification.

WRITTEN TEST: There is a 100-question written test.

PROJECT: There is a take home project book that covers the skills portion of testing. Depending upon the version of the project book assigned to the candidate, the candidate must be able to:
  • Develop a program that involves working with another non-fire government agency.
  • Research a trend and develop a personnel action program.
  • Develop a budget to include equipment purchases.
  • Investigate an actual single occupancy structure fire.
The project book must be completed and submitted within six (6) months.

LOCAL VERIFICATION FORM: There is a Local Verification Form that must be signed by the candidate's Fire Chief and submitted. This form is available in the Fire Officer 1 Certification Guide, available on the KFRTI website.

STANDARD: The certification test is based upon the NFPA 1031, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Officer, 2014 edition, Chapter 5, Fire Officer II.

READING REFERENCE TEXT: The written tests are referenced to IFSTA, Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th edition. The specific referenced pages are listed in the Fire Officer 2 Certification Guide, available on the KFRTI website.

FEES: The fee for this certification test is $60.00 for Kansas fire fighters and $120.00 for non-Kansas fire fighters.

There is an additional $17.50 fee, made payable to the ProBoard, for the ProBoard certificate.

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