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The Osher Institute Leadership Council and the Osher Staff invite you to attend our 'All-Member' Meeting.

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Every week on Thursday, starting on 01/23/20 and ending on 01/30/20
We will take an early morning walk through the lovely University of Richmond campus to look and listen for resident birds.

Every day, starting on 05/07/20 and ending on 05/07/20 (5 seats (25%) remaining)
Come prepared to enjoy the beautiful UR campus in the springtime.

Every day, starting on 04/07/20 and ending on 04/07/20 (1 seats (4%) remaining)
Every day, starting on 04/08/20 and ending on 04/08/20 ( No seats currently available )
Join us for a walking tour of the beautiful University of Richmond campus.

Every day, starting on 01/21/20 and ending on 01/21/20, THCX, Sculpture outside Modlin Center
Critical information and key steps to safely navigate the Internet and technology.

Every day, starting on 02/11/20 and ending on 02/11/20 ( No seats currently available )
Dr. Kitchen will examine the geology of the deep ocean and explore its evolution through geological time.

Every day, starting on 03/10/20 and ending on 03/10/20, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162
This class will cover the rise of right-wing populism and, of course, Brexit.

Every day, starting on 02/05/20 and ending on 02/05/20 ( No seats currently available )
The purpose of the course is to establish mindfulness meditation skills in class using a variety of practices to relieve stress and to promote positivity, relaxation, calmness, and physical and emotional health and well-being.

Every week on Thursday, starting on 01/16/20 and ending on 02/06/20 ( No seats currently available )
Learn how to access and fully enjoy the many benefits of being an Osher member and member of the UR community.

Every day, starting on 01/28/20 and ending on 01/28/20 ( No seats currently available )
Every day, starting on 03/18/20 and ending on 03/18/20
This class offers that chance for participants to come together once a week for shared Qi Gong practice.

Every week on Tuesday, starting on 03/17/20 and ending on 04/07/20
The class will look at tensions and separatist movements in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Spain and Catalonia, and Greece and Macedonia.

Every day, starting on 01/28/20 and ending on 01/28/20, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162
Take a tour with Martha Wright, assistant curator of academic and public engagement with UR Museums, of the exhibition 'Satire & Social Criticism: Prints by William Hogarth from the Collection.'

Every day, starting on 02/13/20 and ending on 02/13/20 ( No seats currently available )
An overview of the benefits of a password manager and walks through setting up an account with LastPass.

Every day, starting on 02/04/20 and ending on 02/04/20 ( No seats currently available )
Come learn how this historic home was acquired by UR and moved onto campus, tour the home and hear about its many lovely features.

Every day, starting on 05/15/20 and ending on 05/15/20, JAC - Bottomley House Lobby
Find out how to cut your income taxes when you start taking RMDs. Find out how to calculate your RMD.

Every day, starting on 03/09/20 and ending on 03/09/20
Learn more about Cannon Chapel, which recently underwent a major renovation and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2013, the Columbarium and the Wilton Center.

Every day, starting on 05/15/20 and ending on 05/15/20, CMC, Chapel
Come hear how the University of Richmond played an important role in WWII.

Every week on Monday, starting on 02/03/20 and ending on 02/10/20, WILT, Multi-Faith Room 100 (3 seats (6%) remaining)