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This survey will open with basic information on the beginnings of Jewish group life, archaeological ideas about the Hebrews appearance in history, monotheistic thought, and biblical leaders. The second session will focus more on modern Jewish ideas and communities.

Mondays 7/10, 7/17, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162
Evolution, extinction, climate, continental drift, fossils, and dinosaurs, lots of dinosaurs. A brief look at the history of life, over three billion years in the making. From Australopithecus africanus to Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, trilobites to Triceratops, creationism to volcanism, ice ages to Ichthyosaurs, Darwinism to Lamarckism, if you're interested in how we got here, this may be the course for you. Did we mention dinosaurs?

Tuesdays 7/11 , 7/18, 7/25, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162
Join us for a review of how emerging technology advancements in neurosurgery are now treating conditions such as essential tremor and Parkinson's Disease with the use of Focused Ultrasound.

Wednesday 8/2, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162 (4 seats (6%) remaining)
As women move through stages of life from pregnancy and childbirth to menopause and beyond, their bladders and pelvic floors often go through changes as well. It's quite common to experience bladder leakage and pelvic floor discomfort due to these changes. In fact, it happens to one in three women. But just because these are common issues does not mean a woman should have to 'just live with them.'

Tuesday, June 27, Synchronous Online
Over the past few decades, many different kinds of astrophysical observations have provided strong confirmation of the Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe and have allowed us to construct detailed models of the history of the Universe from its earliest moments to the present. It now appears that the Universe is filled with mysterious dark matter. I will give an overview of why we believe in this strange model of the Universe.

Wednesday 6/28, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162 (10 seats (10%) remaining)
Is the United States an Empire? If so, is it a force for good or evil? Is America the Empire of billion-dollar movies such as 'Top Gun: Maverick,' and 'American Sniper,' or is it a racist, exploitative Empire? We will discuss these issues and others.

Mondays 7/10, 17, 24, 31, Synchronous Online (15 seats (15%) remaining)
An overview of the benefits of a password manager and walks through setting up an account with LastPass.

Friday, July 14, Synchronous Online (15 seats (15%) remaining)
Nuclear weapons remain the most destructive and terrifying devices ever built. They are both defensive and offensive simultaneously, helping to prevent WWIII through deterrence, yet menacing humanity with the potential for its complete destruction. In this lecture, we will explore causes of the spread of nuclear weapons over the past 70 years, successes and failures of treaties designed to limit proliferation, and the intentions of countries most likely to acquire nuclear weapons in the future.

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The UR Computer/Technology Help Desk is available to Osher members, but do you really know what services it provides? Join this session to find out how to take full advantage of this great benefit of Osher membership.

Thursday, June 15, Synchronous Online (17 seats (17%) remaining)
Learn more about the work that the Division of State Archaeology does at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR). See where we house roughly 7 million archaeological artifacts. Tour the conservation lab where experts analyze and preserve artifacts. Find out what resources are available to the public at VDHR. NOTE: Offered three times this summer. Please register for only one.

Thursday, June 8, Virginia Department of Historic Resources ( No seats currently available )
Friday, Aug 4, Virginia Department of Historic Resources ( No seats currently available )
Friday, Aug 11, Virginia Department of Historic Resources (3 seats (30%) remaining)
Alcohol remains among the most heavily regulated consumer products in the US, governed by laws passed after Prohibition. Learn all that happens just to get a favorite wine into your glass.

Every day, starting on 08/02/23 and ending on 08/02/23, JPSN, Room 109