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This class will review how to use many of the features and functions of the iPhone.

Every week on Tuesday and Thursday, starting on 11/05/19 and ending on 11/21/19 ( No seats currently available )
This lecture will cover the 'Well to Wheel' story of crude oil used to produce fossil fuels from the mid-1980s.

Every day, starting on 10/01/19 and ending on 10/01/19
Appalachian stereotypes appear to be one of the last to be considered acceptable by the media and large expanses of society. The speaker's family has been part of Appalachia since 1750, so he has something to say about it.

Every day, starting on 10/21/19 and ending on 10/21/19 ( No seats currently available )
Over the next year, Gambles Mill Corridor and Little Westham Creek will be undergoing big changes. But, what was its past?

Every day, starting on 11/26/19 and ending on 11/26/19, ROBC, Room 245 ( No seats currently available )
Learn how your local garden, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, is working to create a safe space for all who celebrate the Earth and each other.

Every day, starting on 10/07/19 and ending on 10/07/19
Come and explore counting One to Ten using the concepts and principles that make Jainism a philosophy very close to science, mathematics, and humanity.

Every week on Wednesday, starting on 10/09/19 and ending on 10/23/19, GOTW, Room E305 ( No seats currently available )
In this class we will discuss the basic attributes of maps, what led to Americans' fascination with them, aspects of state-of-the-art work in spatial analysis and how maps can help us better understand American history.

Every week on Tuesday, starting on 11/05/19 and ending on 11/19/19 ( No seats currently available )
This course is a non-mathematical treatment for the ordinary student of relativity and the notion of the 'elsewhere.'

Every week on Thursday, starting on 09/26/19 and ending on 10/17/19
Join this virtual tour of Hollywood Cemetery.

Every day, starting on 10/15/19 and ending on 10/15/19, GOTW, Auditorium Room A001 ( No seats currently available )
An overview of the benefits of a password manager and walks through setting up an account with LastPass.

Every day, starting on 10/30/19 and ending on 10/30/19 ( No seats currently available )
Join Osher for a tour of the only Frank Lloyd Wright house open to visitors in the Washington, DC region.

Every day, starting on 10/02/19 and ending on 10/02/19, JAC, Parking Lot in Front of Building (5 seats (20%) remaining)
This course will take a high-level look at most of Google's products, including the less well-known; e.g., Alerts, Drive, Docs, Flights, Lens, Voice, Fi, Assistant, Android, and Translate.

Every week on Tuesday and Thursday, starting on 10/22/19 and ending on 10/29/19 ( No seats currently available )