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Known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the documents contain not only the oldest copies of the Bible, but also ancient Jewish texts.

Every week on Thursday, starting on 1/23/20 and ending on 2/27/20, meets in Westhampton Living Room for all sessions, except 1/30/20 which meets in Wilton MultiFaith. ( No seats currently available )
Some women in the Bible were godly individuals who are better known to us. Some of them were evil in character. This class deals with the latter group of lesser-known women.

Every day, starting on 03/02/20 and ending on 03/02/20 ( No seats currently available )
In this class you will learn how the Talmud is connected to the 'Old' Testament, how it was redacted over time, the scope of its contents, and how it is organized.

Every week on Tuesday, starting on 04/21/20 and ending on 05/05/20
The two presentations will take the audience to mosques in North Africa, Turkey, and Iran, opening a window into the World of Islam.

Every week on Monday, starting on 05/04/20 and ending on 05/11/20
Before Alexander's conquest, a thriving new civilization had emerged in southern Jordan. It appears that a nomadic tribe known as the Nabateans began migrating gradually from Arabia during the sixth century BCE. Over time, they abandoned their nomadic ways and settled in a number of places in southern Jordan, the Naqab desert in Palestine, and in northern Arabia. Their capital city was the legendary Petra, Jordan's most famous tourist attraction.

Every week on Monday, starting on 03/23/20 and ending on 03/30/20 ( No seats currently available )
The presentation will focus on the background and history of the Camino de Santiago and the preparation involved to hike it.

Every day, starting on 03/31/20 and ending on 03/31/20
This course, informed by current biblical scholarship, will seek to understand the intentions and meanings that underlie Genisis' symbols and stories.

Every week on Thursday, starting on 02/06/20 and ending on 03/05/20 (1 seats (1%) remaining)