Religious Studies

Upcoming Courses


This course will continue examining a number of little-known Jewish legends (Midrash) that expound upon familiar stories in the Hebrew Bible.

Every week on Wednesday, starting on 11/06/19 and ending on 11/20/19
This seminar explores the key thoughts and themes of Dietrich Bonhoeffert's writings and tries to relate them to the modern era.

Every week on Thursday, starting on 10/31/19 and ending on 12/12/19 (excluding 11/28/19) ( No seats currently available )
This course, broken into three areas, will initially focus on the definition of religious extremism and how it manifests while giving historical examples from early Islam.

Every week on Monday, starting on 11/18/19 and ending on 12/02/19 (8 seats (11%) remaining)
This course will continue our exploration of the Historical Jesus begun last spring in 'The Historical Figure of Jesus,' although attendance at that course is not required for this one.

Every week on Friday, starting on 09/27/19 and ending on 10/04/19, INTC, Commons ( No seats currently available )