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Brian McCann is a former attorney who represented families of children with disabilities and who now serves as CEO of The Faison Center, a premier autism service provider that serves more than 300 children and adults with autism. His journey from the courtroom to the non-profit boardroom provides a unique perspective on autism and the obstacles those with autism and their families face simply to get the support they desperately need.

Tuesday, Mar 14, TBD - UR Campus
If you are familiar with the library resources but want to go beyond the basics, this session will explore some of the more interesting and unusual digital collections and databases. This is an advanced session that builds on the information introduced in Bounty of Boatwright.

Monday, Mar 13, Boatwright Seminar Room 2
Are you missing the beauty of summer flowers and nesting birds? Come join us for a peek at the beautiful bird and blooms that live within the Galvin Rare Books and Archives. In this course, we'll explore some rare botanical and ornithological collections, highlighted by recently donated materials, including a set of 19th-Century engraved lilies from the renowned French botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

Friday 3/24, Boatwright Library, Room B1-22
Learn how to find books, articles, and other resources that are of interest to you. This session provides an overview for beginners or those new to Osher and includes a virtual tour of the library.

Friday, Jan 20, Synchronous Online
2023 ChinaFest's opening event will feature Handel Lee, who will discuss his observations from working and living in China for 27 years, and the happenings that caused the relationship to swerve back and forth between the extremes of alliance and loathing.

Thursday 2/2, TBD - UR Campus
Visit the University of Richmond Museums for a guided tour of the exhibition: 'Jay Lynn Gomez: Domestic Scenes Reconsidered' with co-curator Martha Wright. This exhibition is a part of the Tucker Boatwright Festival, collaborated with Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies Department and co-curated with Dr. Karina Vazquez.

Thursday 2/16, THCX - Harnett Museum
The stories from our childhood take us to places where dragons are real and dreams were magical transformations of the impossible. In this course, we will explore some of the storytelling literature from the Galvin Rare Book Room's collections of historic children's literature. Introduction to the collections will be followed by a lecture-based study showcasing highlights and special materials from the collections, capped by a question and answer session.(Note, this course is offered twice this semester. In person on 2/3 and via Zoom on 2/24)

Friday 2/3, B1-22
Friday 2/24, Synchronous Online
Built as the home of Westhampton College, North Court is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Learn about its many uses throughout the years from dormitory, military hospital, dining facility, and concert venue.

Tuesday May 2nd, TBD - UR Campus
Join Tyler Rudd Putman of the Museum of the American Revolution for a virtual exploration of George Washington's life on campaign during the Revolutionary War. This program will include an exploration of the Museum's online interactive exhibit, a Virtual Tour of Washington's Wartime Headquarters, and explore the history of Washington's sleeping marquee and the surprising stories of the diverse people who made, maintained, and preserved it over three centuries.

Wednesday 1/18, Synchronous Online
FILM VIEWING When The Beatles stopped touring in 1966, the recording studio became the band's playground. From 1967-1969, the band recorded and released five unique and highly praised albums. Our class will focus on the path that led to the recording of their last studio album, Abbey Road. We'll watch the original documentary 'Let It Be,' capturing The Beatles at work preparing songs for the album and offering an impromptu concert on the rooftop of Apple Records.

Monday, April 10, TBD - UR Campus
Join us for the latest offering of the Osher Travel Interest Group's series. Harriet Tubman lived a long and storied life filled with hardship, resilience, and triumph. This is an introductory program that helps to demystify some of the misconceptions surrounding Harriet Tubman's life and the Underground Railroad. The program focuses on Tubman's life before, during, and after the Underground Railroad.

Thursday 2/9, Synchronous Online
Join the Osher Leadership Council and staff for an update on your Osher Institute.

Wednesday, Jan 18, Synchronous Online
Learn how to access and fully enjoy the many benefits of being an Osher member and member of the UR community.

Monday, Jan 23, TBD - UR Campus
The latest headlines read, 'Richmond area emerges as destination for sports tourism with $76 million economic impact.' Tourism is a huge economic development engine in the Richmond Region, and Richmond is now a hotbed for the world's fastest-growing tourism industry: sports. Hear from our expert about how this is happening!

Tuesday, Apr 4, TBD - UR Campus
What's the latest on Tourism in the Richmond Region. It seems like our city's always in the news. Bouncing back from the pandemic, Richmond Region Tourism says the number of people coming to the River City for a visit is surpassing 2019 numbers.

Monday, December 12, GOTW, Auditorium Room A001 (7 seats (13%) remaining)
Join us for this special guest speaker, who is part of our SPCS Community Conversations series. Jeannie Opdyke Smith will talk about the choices we make. Regardless if they are large acts of service or small 'spur of the moment' deeds, our choices make a significant impact. Our sacrifices of time, money, and caring, matter and have the ability to change the course of the world around us. This event is co-sponsored with the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond and the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

Sunday, March 19, JAC, Robins Pavilion 151
We have a great group of women in our basketball program. Let's support them with our presence, and cheer them on! Come join the fun and watch our Home Opener on Thursday, November 10 at 6 pm.

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Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker was a significant figure in the fight for civil rights and Black religious life from the 1950s into the 2000s and beyond. He and his wife, Theresa Ann, donated their personal papers to the University in 2015. The course includes a presentation on Dr. and Mrs. Walker as well as the collection's content and status, followed by some hands-on time reviewing material from the collection.

Monday May 15, Boatwright Library, Room B1-22
Hear the trials and tribulations of a dot-com start-up of the late 1990s: Netflix. Founded by a team with no entertainment experience and with the goal of taking on industry giant Blockbuster, this group of brilliant renegades ended up changing the face of entertainment forever. Hear stories and lessons from the University of Richmond's Dr. Joel Mier, a former director of Netflix during its formative first decade,

Tuesday 3/21, TBD - UR Campus
Come and learn about this unusual 212-year-old church, probably the earliest, independent, ongoing church founded by Blacks in the South, emphasizing their remarkable work in offering a place of worship; providing education even before slavery; and promoting political activity. Students would benefit from reading Dr. Dance's book, 'Land of the Free. . . Negroes: A Historical Novel' prior to class.

Monday 5/8, TBD - UR Campus
FIELD TRIP On this tour, participants will learn about Shalom Farms's mission to improve access to healthy food throughout the area, including information on how the organization came to be and how food is distributed. Participants will then head out into the fields for a tour of the Powhatan farm site and will hear about Shalom's growing practices along with the opportunity to taste various crops as available.

Tuesday, May 9, Shalom Farms
This lecture and discussion will review the current situation in Ukraine, explore the struggles to define Ukrainian national identity, and discuss the complications of forging a lasting peace in this troubled country.

Tuesday 2/7, TBD - UR Campus
Are you missing your Osher friends? Wish you could just have a cup of coffee with them before or after a class like you used to? We have the solution: a virtual Osher 'Coffee Chat'.

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Join University of Richmond's 11th President, Kevin F. Hallock, for a presentation on why college costs so much. Hallock, an economist, will discuss a set of factors including wage inequality, increases in regulation and compliance costs, increases in student support, including for mental health, and the competition for amenities. He will also discuss finances at the University of Richmond today and challenges and opportunities for higher education in the future.

Tuesday, Mar 28, TBD - UR Campus