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If you are familiar with the library resources but want to go beyond the basics, this session will explore some of the more interesting and unusual digital collections and databases. This is an advanced session that builds on the information introduced in Bounty of Boatwright.

Wednesday, Aug 9, BLIB Seminar 2 Room 181
Learn how to find books, articles, and other resources that are of interest to you. This session provides an overview for beginners or those new to Osher and includes a virtual tour of the library.

Monday, June 26, Synchronous Online
What do children and bridges have in common? And why have economists written books about dating and marriage? In this course we will apply economic concepts to some of the most fundamental human behaviors: dating, sex, and marriage. We will use topics such as the impact of oral contraceptives on career decisions, the payment of dowries and bride prices, and the allocation of chores within a partnership to examine a number of foundational economic concepts.

Monday class, 7/31, GOTW, Auditorium Room A001
Over the past few decades, many different kinds of astrophysical observations have provided strong confirmation of the Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe and have allowed us to construct detailed models of the history of the Universe from its earliest moments to the present. It now appears that the Universe is filled with mysterious dark matter. I will give an overview of why we believe in this strange model of the Universe.

Wednesday 6/28, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162 (11 seats (11%) remaining)
Learn how to access and fully enjoy the many benefits of being an Osher member and member of the UR community.

Tuesday, June 20, BUS, Room 114
Join us for the third SPCS 60th Anniversary Community Conversation. This special event will bring former UR star running back and NFL player Tim Hightower back on campus, along with Bill Sachs, co-author of their book, A Dream Worth Fighting For. They will discuss this autobiographical account of Tim's struggles to make it to the NFL and later his recovery from a serious knee injury.

Tuesday, June 27, JAC, Robins Pavilion 151
An overview of the benefits of a password manager and walks through setting up an account with LastPass.

Friday, July 14, Synchronous Online (15 seats (15%) remaining)
Nuclear weapons remain the most destructive and terrifying devices ever built. They are both defensive and offensive simultaneously, helping to prevent WWIII through deterrence, yet menacing humanity with the potential for its complete destruction. In this lecture, we will explore causes of the spread of nuclear weapons over the past 70 years, successes and failures of treaties designed to limit proliferation, and the intentions of countries most likely to acquire nuclear weapons in the future.

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Please join us for an inside look at the planning and preparation of student-athletes and their welfare and leadership.

Monday, July 24, BUS, Room 114
The UR Computer/Technology Help Desk is available to Osher members, but do you really know what services it provides? Join this session to find out how to take full advantage of this great benefit of Osher membership.

Thursday, June 15, Synchronous Online (17 seats (17%) remaining)
FIELD TRIP Join us at the Virginia War Memorial for a tour, which will include its new exhibit, '50 Years Later: The Vietnam Veteran Experience.' Virginia is home to nearly 200,000 veterans who served during the Vietnam era. For fifty years, these Virginians have lived with the war in the background of their lives. This exhibit offers a glimpse into fifty of those lives, acknowledging that the Vietnam experience remains understudied and misunderstood.

Friday, July 28, Virginia War Memorial
Take a walking tour of the UR campus, named the nation's most beautiful campus in the Princeton Review's 2021 college guide.

Monday, August 7 (This is rescheduled from June 13.), THCX, Sculpture outside Modlin Center