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Regirer Series on Aging Well

The Regirer Series on Aging Well focuses on health and wellness topics, including legal and financial issues, relevant to those "50 and better." We are grateful for the generous grant from the Walter W. Regirer and Maria Teresa Regirer Foundation, which supports this popular Series.

Upcoming Courses


Do you still use an appointment book, address book, to-do and shopping lists, and depend on other handwritten passwords, reminders, and notes? This class will look at how the Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, and Password iPhone apps can help us better manage this information and our daily activities.

Monday and Thursday 11/6, 11/9, 11/13, 11/16/23, Synchronous Online ( No seats currently available )
The lecture will focus on innovative cutting-edge artistic interventions (VR/AR, Improvisation, Dance, Drawing, etc.) to enhance the education of medical students and other trainees, as well as to enhance medical care. Many of these interventions are currently being implemented or are in the testing phase at the VCU Medical Center.

12/14 Thursday, TBD - UR Campus
The 'Fabulous 50s' and 'Groovy 60s' were a time filled with Poodle Skirts, sideburns, tie-dye, and mood rings. Let's challenge our brains as we engage together and interact with a few brain games and social activities. Just as physical exercise can help keep a body strong, mental exercise can help a brain work better and lower the risk of mental decline. This course will be a fun and interactive way to flex those mental muscles.

Monday, Nov 6, Synchronous Online
From '70s Nostalgia' of all things hippie and bell-bottoms to the 'Rise of Remembering the 80s,' let's have some fun as we challenge our brains with some brain games and activities. Studies show that just as physical exercise can help keep a body strong, mental exercise can help a brain work better and lower the risk of mental decline. Join us as we have some fun and flex those mental muscles.

Monday, Nov 13, Synchronous Online
Proper nutrition is a key component to one having a healthy lifestyle that can help us decrease our risk of developing dementia and other serious chronic conditions. What we feed our bodies is the fuel that keeps our brains actively working. Together we will have a little fun as we engage and interact with a few nutrition theme brain games and social activities, all while we learn about new healthier choices that we can build into our everyday routines.

Tuesday, Dec 12, Synchronous Online
Learn about the long-term health benefits of just moving! Different musical and dance style such as Bollywood, jazz, Latin and disco are used to inspire participants to embrace dance as a lifelong means to health, joy and fulfillment.

Mondays, Oct 9, 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 27, Dec 4, 11, Jan 8, 22, 29 (NO class on Nov 20, Dec 18, 25, Jan 1, 15), THC, Alice Haynes Room (1 seats (3%) remaining)
The discovery and history of insulin (which resulted in several Nobel Prizes), as well as how these discoveries influenced our understanding of diabetes, will be reviewed. The lecture will be targeted to a non-medical audience and will present basic concepts in human physiology. No specific medical advice or recommendations will be provided.

Wednesday 12/06/23, TBD - UR Campus
In this workshop, you will be doing the work! This workshop will be interactive as we share parts of our past with the group and begin to document stories and family history for our loved ones. Come ready to share and write!

No session is currently available for registration

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Along with financial and estate planning, one of the best gifts we can give our families is planning our final arrangements. Losing a loved one is difficult. Prearranging the funeral eases the stress and guesswork for families and ensures that final wishes are honored. Learn about the important steps to provide this gift for yourself and family through an overview of the information and concerns when planning. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Monday, Dec 4, TBD - UR Campus
This class will help investors and retirees, in particular, understand the debilitating effects that inflation can have on one's portfolio.

Thursday 10/26, Special Programs Building, Classroom 156
Let's talk about planning for the future. How can you ensure that your preferences and directives for your financial assets are carried out correctly? We'll discuss the legal options available to assist in making the best decisions.

Tuesday, Dec 12, Synchronous Online
Let's explore these topics: bits and bytes; the Internet; files and file managers; ChatGPT and AI; cloud computing; augmented/virtual reality; and passwords, passkeys, and authentication apps.

Monday and Thursday class, 12/4, 12/7, 12/11, 12/14, Synchronous Online ( No seats currently available )
There are countless options for senior living today, including many you have probably never considered. Today's senior living offers many more options than the dreaded 'nursing home' environment of yesteryear. This interactive presentation will discuss all of the senior living acronyms (CCRC, SNF, MC, AL, IL, etc.) and the pros and cons of each, so an informed decision can be made about lifestyle and care choices as you plan for your future.

Tuesday, Oct 10, GOTW, Auditorium Room A001 ( No seats currently available )
Communication is at the heart of everything we do. As simple as it is, it is a skill that takes every bit of intentionality, to ensure we reap the benefits of long-lasting and healthy relationships.

Friday, 11/10/23, BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162 (6 seats (8%) remaining)
This course is taught in conjunction with partners at VCU Medical Center. This is a class in how to respond to a serious bleeding incident. The course was born out of the tragic Sandy Hook School shooting to help lay people respond to serious bleeding injuries. The course has two components: a lecture followed by a skills session.

12/18/23 Monday class, TBD - UR Campus (1 seats (2%) remaining)
In times of economic uncertainty, let's focus on what you can control. This course shares tips on increasing your value in the workplace, cutting expenses, boosting savings, and reducing debt.

Monday 10/09, Room 160
Moving wisely and integrating the body to maintain strength, balance, flexibility and ease of motion are the components of this course. Applying the principles of anatomical alignment and movement efficiency will deepen and enhance the process of staying fit and feeling great!

Thursdays; 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30 (skip Nov 23), WSTN - Brown Alley Room (1 seats (5%) remaining)
The Traveler Safety Training course was designed by a team of national professionals with critical real-world experience and deep instructional-design backgrounds. The breadth of experience ranges from local to Federal Law Enforcement professionals who themselves have traveled all over the world conducting investigations, operations, and simple personal travel. They have first-hand knowledge of what this class will offer you.

No session is currently available for registration

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We'll help you understand long term care as well as the options available to pay for care. What is the most tax-efficient way, based on an individual's circumstances, to pay for long term care? There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Wednesday, Oct 4, Room 160
Take a walking tour of the UR campus, named the nation's most beautiful campus in the Princeton Review's 2021 college guide. Learn about the history of the University, enjoy the beautiful landscaping and architecture, and hear some stories along the way. The walk will be about 2.5 miles in length and will require climbing steps and walking on various surfaces. Walking shoes and water are recommended.

Monday, Oct 16, THCX, Sculpture outside Modlin Center ( No seats currently available )
The herbicide called Roundup was first marketed to US farmers in 1974. It was hailed as an ideal herbicide: effective, versatile, and yet as safe as table salt. Roundup and its imitators are now the most-used herbicides on the globe, and scientists are concerned. This course will explore several sides of the ongoing controversy, with opinions from government, industry, science, and farm groups.

Thursdays, 10/5 and 10/12, Special Programs Building, Classroom 156 (4 seats (13%) remaining)
We give little thought to EMS until we call 911 and want help instantly at our door. The class will include a brief overview of EMS, including its history and evolution. It will discuss training needed to provide various levels of prehospital emergency care. Learn what to tell a 911 dispatcher when calling for help and how to make sure first responders can get to you as soon as possible.

Wednesday 12/06, TBD - UR Campus
When you think of health concerns among women, what comes to mind? Osteoporosis, breast cancer, diabetes, and hypertension are common challenges women face as they age: but there is much more than that. This course will cover many of the gynecological problems and other health issues women can experience as they enter their post-menopausal years. Join our private, anonymous Zoom class to learn more about these issues as well as treatment options for finding relief.

Wednesday 10/18, Synchronous Online