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In 1959, successful young screenwriter Rod Serling convinced CBS to launch an anthology series like nothing ever broadcast before. "The Twilight Zone" challenged viewers in ways previously thought untenable.

Tuesdays/Thursdays, 7/7, 7/9,7/14,7/16,7/21,7/23,10-11am, Synchronous Online (17 seats (19%) remaining)
If you are familiar with the library resources but want to go beyond the basics, this session will explore some of the more interesting and unusual digital collections and databases. Feel free to follow along on your laptop, but you must have already used your NetID login and have it set-up on your computer before the session starts. This is an advanced session that builds on the information introduced in Bounty of Boatwright.

Wednesday, 6/24, 10-11:30am, Synchronous Online
At this session, you'll learn how to find books, articles, and other resources that are of interest to you. This session provides an overview for beginners or those new to Osher and includes a virtual tour of the library.

Wednesday, 6/3/20, 10-11:30am, Synchronous Online
The class is designed to enhance your cell phone photography while traveling. Covers improving cell phone images regardless of brand or model, editing cell phone images and available features on the iPhone.

Tuesdays, 7/28, 8/4, 10-11am, Synchronous Online ( No seats currently available )
Jellicle Cats come out and relive the shining memory of the longest-running play on Broadway, CATS. The goal of this class is to have fun and to enable each participant to bring home an inspired tale (or tail!) to share with the young children in their life.

Wednesdays, 8/5, 8/12, 10am-12pm, Synchronous Online (3 seats (10%) remaining)