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The class is designed to enhance your cell phone photography while traveling.

Every day, starting on 03/26/20 and ending on 03/26/20 ( No seats currently available )
We will be creating a bracelet with sterling silver: you'll be taught how to properly link the doubled rings so the weave stays twisted together.

Every week on Wednesday, starting on 03/25/20 and ending on 04/08/20 (excluding 04/01/20) (5 seats (31%) remaining)
The use of creative writing in its various art forms to inspire both others and yourself.

Every week on Tuesday, starting on 02/25/20 and ending on 03/24/20
Learn the language of art and visual strategies to analyze, interpret, and critique artworks using art works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Every day, starting on 01/27/20 and ending on 01/27/20, WHC, Living Room (Deanery) (1 seats (1%) remaining)
Join in the current, creative, and contagious rock painting phenomenon in RVA and across the country.

Every day, starting on 05/12/20 and ending on 05/12/20 ( No seats currently available )
This three-class course will teach participants how to listen to contemporary chamber music.

Every week on Monday, starting on 01/27/20 and ending on 02/10/20 (5 seats (14%) remaining)
Take a tour with Martha Wright, assistant curator of academic and public engagement with UR Museums, of the exhibition 'Satire & Social Criticism: Prints by William Hogarth from the Collection.'

Every day, starting on 02/13/20 and ending on 02/13/20 ( No seats currently available )
The 60's were a time of cultural upheaval, and its films reflect those changes. These films explored shifting cultural mores and helped transform the way we view issues like sexuality, romance, and race relations: and ushered in a new golden age in American filmmaking.

Every week on Friday, starting on 03/13/20 and ending on 04/17/20 (4 seats (5%) remaining)
Using Smithsonian American Art Museum artworks, this session will explore America from its earliest days as a British colony to its birth as a new nation.

Every day, starting on 02/14/20 and ending on 02/14/20
Using Smithsonian American Art Museum artworks, this session will explore the forces that influences the emerging American identity: the great expanse of western frontier, the growth of the agricultural economy, and the rise of industry.

Every day, starting on 03/02/20 and ending on 03/02/20
Before Alexander's conquest, a thriving new civilization had emerged in southern Jordan. It appears that a nomadic tribe known as the Nabateans began migrating gradually from Arabia during the sixth century BCE. Over time, they abandoned their nomadic ways and settled in a number of places in southern Jordan, the Naqab desert in Palestine, and in northern Arabia. Their capital city was the legendary Petra, Jordan's most famous tourist attraction.

Every week on Monday, starting on 03/23/20 and ending on 03/30/20 ( No seats currently available )
This course completes a survey of Virginia Opera's 2019-20120 season.

Every week on Tuesday, starting on 01/21/20 and ending on 02/04/20
Playing a wide variety of instruments, 'Edutainer' Lamar Banister will demonstrate through story and tune Virginia's remarkable legacy of song up to the 1960s.

Every day, starting on 02/18/20 and ending on 02/18/20 (2 seats (2%) remaining)