In these American Sign Language (ASL) classes you will learn fingerspelling, counting, and basic signs such as 'How are you,' non-manual signals (NMS), and how to convert English into ASL. Sessions include fun, hands-on activities which will enable you to communicate with our deaf community. Classes are taught by local organization ASL Champs. This is a beginner class and eligible for CEUs; books are included in tuition.
In these American Sign Language (ASL) classes you will learn fingerspelling, counting, and basic signs such as 'How are you,' non-manual signals (NMS), and how to convert English into ASL. Sessions include fun, hands-on activities which will enable you to communicate with our deaf community. Classes are taught by local organization ASL Champs. This is a continuation of Beginner I and is eligible for CEUs; books are included in tuition.
This film earned eight Academy Award nominations and won six, including Best Art. It is ranked number nine among AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals. The 17-minute ballet sequence, with sets and costumes referencing master French painters, serves as the film's climax. The film story is about an ex-GI (Gene Kelly) who stays behind in Paris after the end of WWII to become a reputable painter. Working diligently, he is still struggling to pay his way when both opportunity and love come knocking. Dance scenes interspersed to the musical score by George Gershwin are unforgettable. Students will explore impressionism and Fauvism art to create personal paintings and also the use of hand lettering, collage, and icon images to create billboard art. All supplies included.
NEW! This 2000 movie, nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, is a magical tale of love awakened by a skilled chocolatier who delights in satisfying customers. When a spirited drifter mother and child come into a French village to open a chocolate shop across the street from the town church, the townspeople can't abstain from the mysterious confections and the timing couldn't be worse as the traditional Lenten season is just beginning! Instruction will include creating signage for the chocolate shop using hand lettering techniques, bold images, and graphics to create colorful posters. Students will also paint decadent desserts while exploring the use of texture, depth, and shape. Sure to be a real treat! Art supplies included.
Inspired by the golden era of movie making, this film features scenes of large pools of water, elaborate diving features, tantalizing film clips of swimming actresses on floral trapezes, and a tremendous music score! Students will meet movie star Esther Williams, in the glamorous movie role of Million Dollar Mermaid. Students will design a one of a kind bathing suit, rendering a water ballet kaleidoscope and paint a classic pin-up poster. No prior experience needed; suitable for all levels. Course is designed for ages 18+. Materials are included.
Discover the fun of drawing and painting using small repeated patterns to create intricate portraits in a variety of media like graphite, charcoal, ink, and acrylic. Learn about contemporary realism while exploring concepts such as color/value, lines, proportion/size, rhythm/pattern to create your very own art piece. Students will become familiar with Chuck Close's life, work, techniques and purpose and complete two pieces during the weekend. No previous art experience needed. Supplies included.
This class offers practice in English conversation and pronunciation. We will also visit a local museum in Richmond. Additional topics in professional etiquette and American customs will be presented. (Class is designed for English Language Learners beginner to intermediate levels.)
This class is a combined skills course designed to improve basic and intermediate levels of communication in all four skill areas of English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will practice new vocabulary in writing and speaking as well as increase listening and reading comprehension. Additional strategies will include an emphasis on pronunciation. (Class is designed for beginner to intermediate levels.)
NEW! This course provides an introduction to the Persian alphabet, basic Farsi greetings, and simple conversation with common phrases and cultural topics. Materials provided. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.)
This course is designed for beginners. Students will learn the basics of pronunciation, vocabulary, and useful phrases. Explore a new language this semester with our beginner level French!
This course is a continuation of Beginning French. Students will deepen their comprehension of the French language. Students will also improve their speaking skills through a variety of authentic situations.
NEW! Cemetarians Unite! If you love exploring past lives, Richmond has some fantastic historic landmark burial grounds. This first in a series will engage you in each of these fascinating sites and their occupants starting with the grande dame of necropolises, Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery. Some people think graveyards are where the stories end, but they are in many ways the beginning! (Registered students may bring a guest for free.)
This course is intended for travelers to Italy or anyone who desires to speak and understand 'la bella lingua.' Lessons integrate grammar and conversation practice with culture and etiquette skills. The student will be prepared to navigate a variety of social situations while dining, shopping, and traveling throughout Italy.
This six-week course is a continuation of Italian I, and it proceeds with the same textbook and CD used for that course. Students will progress with sequentially sophisticated grammatical and social situations, beginning with the various uses of the simple past and the imperfect.
Jamestown, the first permanent English colony, went through many twists and turns. The year 2019 marks the 400th anniversary of several important events: the first representative government, the arrival of women, and the beginning of African slavery. This course will highlight the history of the colony, discuss these anniversary events, and explore the recent archaeology done there. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.) Classes are at UR campus.
NEW! Exploring Richmond's earliest neighborhoods is a fun way to learn about the city's history and get an appreciation for the architecture and culture of the time. City preservationist Mary Wingfield Scott has surveyed homes, businesses, and other organizations neighborhood by neighborhood to give you the character of the city's evolution. This three-part course offers two classroom experiences and one field trip to put your knowledge to work as you learn more about our community culture. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.)
Explore a fun and educational weekend of learning and practicing special topics in public speaking and presentation skills. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your communication abilities and develop your confidence in speaking during your time in the US. A variety of written and oral activities are planned for on campus sessions. Course fee includes materials and certificate of completion.
NEW! This series includes all three of our spring RVA history and culture courses! Includes Jamestown, Old Richmond Neighborhoods, and Hallowed Hills of Hollywood. Join us for a semester of fun facts, interesting information, and city explorations. Save $45 with our special bundle fee of only $150 for all three classes! (And all registered students may bring a guest for free!)
This course is for students with intermediate Spanish skills who are ready to practice speaking more. We will also focus on understanding Spanish expressions and more advanced vocabulary, as well as listening to and watching Spanish films/media to increase your skills. Course combines Conversation, Cultura, and 'Cine.' Take your Spanish to the next level!
If you have been hesitant about attempting to learn a new language, now it is time to try it! Learning Spanish could be a valuable asset for you. In this course we will learn the foundation of the language, covering basic grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary as well as an introduction to the Spanish culture.
Did you take Spanish in high school or college and you want to refresh your skills? Are you pursuing a new challenge professionally and want to use your Spanish-speaking skills? This course is a continuation of Spanish for Beginners I. It is intended for students who want to refresh their basic skills in Spanish or further their knowledge of the Spanish language by acquiring new vocabulary and building confidence in speaking and comprehension.