In these American Sign Language (ASL) classes you will learn fingerspelling, counting, and basic signs such as 'How are you,' non-manual signals (NMS), and how to convert English into ASL. Sessions include fun, hands-on activities which will enable you to communicate with our deaf community. Classes are taught by local organization ASL Champs. This is a beginner class and eligible for CEUs; books are included in tuition.
This class is a combined skills course designed to improve basic and intermediate levels of communication in all four skill areas of English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will practice new vocabulary in writing and speaking as well as increase listening and reading comprehension. Additional strategies will include an emphasis on pronunciation.
This course is designed for beginners. Students will learn the basics of pronunciation, vocabulary, and useful phrases. Explore a new language this semester with our beginner level French!
This course is a continuation of Beginning French. Students will deepen their comprehension of the French language. Students will also improve their speaking skills through a variety of authentic situations.
NEW! Explore the colorful life and art of Frida Kahlo, an exceptional woman determined to create an unforgettable life. Journey into a lasting tribute to an artist who fearlessly explored the female mind with imagination to demonstrate that love amplifies lasting beauty. Students will explore the intriguing art of portraiture and inspire bold self portraits using personal elements of interest to make unique personal statements. Drawing skills are not needed, and all skill levels are welcome. Art materials included.
The internet is a vast source of genealogy information about your ancestors - if you just know where and how to look for it. This class will give you targeted tips and techniques to efficiently surf the Web, eliminating millions of unnecessary sites so you can focus on just the right places to find your ancestors. This is a hands-on class that gives you experience researching your family. (Some experience using the internet is needed prior to class.)
This course is intended for travelers to Italy or anyone who desires to speak and understand 'la bella lingua.' Lessons integrate grammar and conversation practice with culture and etiquette skills. The student will be prepared to navigate a variety of social situations while dining, shopping, and traveling throughout Italy.
This six-week course is a continuation of Italian I, and it proceeds with the same textbook and CD used for that course. Students will progress with sequentially sophisticated grammatical and social situations, beginning with the various uses of the simple past and the imperfect.
NEW! This film was selected in 2005 for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." Explore the gift of hope and magic of Santa Claus through the eyes of a child and her uptight, overworked single mom. Enjoy scenes from the bygone era of the department store shopping and a 1947 Macy's Day Parade. Using watercolor, students will create their own version of Santa Claus in holiday gala, design a department store window and compose a greeting card. No art experience required; open to all levels. Art materials included.
The Summer of Love was fifty years ago and Mad Men has filmed its final episode too! If you are interested in the music of the 1960s this class is your good vibration! Join us as we survey the unequaled music of this mid-century decade. In-class listening and discussions, as well as lectures, trace a historical tour of Rock Music of the 1960s covering the development of popular and rock music and its composers, performers, genres, and other stylistic aspects. Students will develop the ability to listen to music intelligently through engaging course sessions complemented by reading selections. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.)
Our Gauguin Art Weekend introduces this artist's unique work and begins an exploration of your own artistic abilities! No experience is necessary for this weekend; all levels of skill welcome. Art materials included.
REPRISED. This unique class presents professional and social etiquette customs in the USA along with important business and communication skills. Topics include business manners, interviewing skills, resume and letter writing, dining etiquette, social customs, and more. This session is designed for au pairs and any international students who want to improve communication skills and feel more confident in social and business settings, but we welcome any interested students! Fee includes course materials, lunch, and an excursion to a local museum in Richmond. Course is led by Patricia Gallagher, SPCS Distinguished Alumnus and Senior VP Sona Bank.
Explore a fun and educational weekend of learning and practicing special topics in public speaking and presentation skills. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your communication abilities and develop your confidence in speaking during your time in the US. A variety of written and oral activities are planned for on campus sessions. Course fee includes materials and certificate of completion.
This course is for those with advanced Spanish skills and designed for students who are ready to practice their speaking. The course will focus on students learning and speaking Spanish expressions and vocabulary beyond textbooks, as well as practicing listening and reading comprehension. Take your language to the next level!
If you have been hesitant about attempting to learn a new language, now it is time to try it! Learning Spanish could be a valuable asset for you. In this course we will learn the foundation of the language, covering basic grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary as well as an introduction to the Spanish culture.
Did you take Spanish in high school or college and you want to refresh your skills? Are you pursuing a new challenge professionally and want to use your Spanish-speaking skills? This course is a continuation of Spanish for Beginners I. It is intended for students who want to refresh their basic skills in Spanish or further their knowledge of the Spanish language by acquiring new vocabulary and building confidence in speaking and comprehension.
Have you ever watched a movie that was about the FBI or other law enforcement agency and wondered what, if any of it, is true? Have you had questions like, "Can they really do that?" or, "Why would this be an FBI case and not another agency's? If so, this course offers an insider's perspective on Hollywood's attempt to showcase the job of an FBI agent through the study of several major films. The class is instructed by a local FBI Agent with twenty years of experience in law enforcement, offering insight and truth behind each week's look at a major FBI-based film. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.) Course designed for ages 18 and older.
If you love Richmond history and want to know more, you will love Tombstone Tales Two! We had far more fun material to cover than would fit in our first Tombstone Tales, so here is the sequel. Discover new, fascinating people and events through the study of Richmond's historic cemeteries. Three lectures with class discussion and one fun-filled trip will get you acquainted with the city and its cemeteries. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.) Course designed for ages 18 and older.