This six-week course is a continuation of Italian I, and it proceeds with the same textbook and CD used for that course. Students will progress with sequentially sophisticated grammatical and social situations, beginning with the various uses of the simple past and the imperfect.
NEW! Students will explore Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, and her world of bright bold colors and tranquil outdoor scenes of flowers, birds, skaters, horses pulling sleigh, deer, and cats. Movie scenes reminiscent of the landscape of Digby, Nova Scotia portray Maudie's quiet world of purpose and the 10 ft x 12 ft home where she paints flowers and stems on walls, shelves, chairs, and even the stove. Inspired to put a few paintings up for sale street side, Maudie becomes world famous. Students will create playful and colorful miniature paintings and note cards using flat color and simple shapes. No prior experience needed; suitable for all levels. Course is designed for ages 18+. Materials are included.
NEW! Inspired by the golden era of movie making, this film features scenes of large pools of water, elaborate diving features, tantalizing film clips of swimming actresses on floral trapezes, and a tremendous music score! Students will meet movie star Esther Williams, in the glamorous movie role of Million Dollar Mermaid. Students will design a one of a kind bathing suit, rendering a water ballet kaleidoscope and paint a classic pin-up poster. No prior experience needed; suitable for all levels. Course is designed for ages 18+. Materials are included.
The Summer of Love was fifty years ago and Mad Men has filmed its final episode too! If you are interested in the music of the 1960s this class is your good vibration! Join us as we survey the unequaled music of this mid-century decade. In-class listening and discussions, as well as lectures, trace a historical tour of Rock Music of the 1960s covering the development of popular and rock music and its composers, performers, genres, and other stylistic aspects. Students will develop the ability to listen to music intelligently through engaging course sessions complemented by reading selections. (Registered students may bring a guest for free.)
NEW! Our Spanish summer series provides practice of vocabulary, reading, and listening comprehension. A variety of activities and exercises will be used to help with your summer Spanish practice. NOTE: Class is for beginner to lower intermediate levels. We will cover a mixture of vocabulary, descriptions, verbs, and more complex sentences. Designed for ages 18+.
NEW! Explore the possibilities of creating colorful works of art with side-by-side instructional support. Instruction will include setting up a palette, mixing colors, and techniques for controlling the paint. Students will successfully complete 2-3 color studies and 1-2 finished paintings with plenty of encouragement and friendly group critique. This is an excellent first class, drawing skills are not needed, and all skill levels are welcome. (Modest materials list. Email with questions to: