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Languages & Cultural Studies

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs focused on the study of languages and cultures.

Our classes and programs cover American and non-American languages, histories, politics, society and cultures.

We offer classes in the following categories within Languages and Cultural Studies. Not all categories are offered every semester.

  • Languages: American Sign Language (ASL), English (for English language learners), French, Italian, Spanish
  • History: Richmond history and cultural heritage
  • Cultural Enrichment: Weekend classes designed especially for international au pairs

UR Au Pair

The UR Au Pair program helps international au pairs fulfill their required annual educational credits while immersing themselves in the rich cultural traditions of Richmond, Virginia.

Upcoming Courses


Welcome to one of our most popular courses for Au Pairs! The focus of this course is on American culture and includes research, reading, and writing assignments designed to build your skills during fun and rewarding lessons and activities. This course explores an American classic 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' You have 3 weeks to complete the modules, and can work on your lessons when it is best for you and your au pair schedule.

This course is ONLINE. Students have 3 weeks to complete the modules. Course dates are July 17 to August 9. Click here for more details!
Strong leadership is critical for success and progress, especially during challenging times. In this online course we will explore some important foundations of leadership. Viewing a classic film, we'll analyze important leadership traits exhibited by the characters, along with cultural themes presented in the film. This class also explores profiles of great leaders, their qualities, styles, and visions, and how you can utilize these in your own professional and personal life. Students will have the opportunity to prepare resumes for review and editing by our instructional team. You will have 3 weeks to complete the online modules, and receive a Certificate of Completion from UR for 3 au pair credits (36 hours.) Join us 'virtually' for this unique and enjoyable class!

Full Session - NOTE: This session offers 3 au pair credits. Students have 3 weeks to complete the modules. Course dates are June 19 to July 12. Click here for more details!
Session B - NOTE: This option offers 1 au pair credit with completion of Modules 1-3. Course dates are June 19 to July 12. Click here for more details!
This class explores English 'The American Way,' and is a combined skills course designed to improve basic and intermediate levels of communication in all four skill areas of English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will practice new vocabulary in writing and speaking as well as increase listening and reading comprehension.

Every week on Monday, starting on 06/15/20 and ending on 07/13/20, Synchronous Online
Learn the fundamentals of French language, including a range of common French phrases and expressions. Build skills for personal or professional use, and practice listening comprehension and pronunciation. Bienvenue dans la classe!

This course contains no sessions

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ˇBienvenidos! Join us as we explore the basics of pronunciation, greetings, and vocabulary for beginners. Live sessions with slide presentations provided. Weekly assignments will be given to reinforce vocabulary and essential grammar. This course is ideal for students who are new to the language, or who want to review the fundamentals and build confidence in conversational skills.

Every week on Monday, starting on 07/20/20 and ending on 08/10/20, Synchronous Online