Course Detail: NC-PUBSPK - Public Speaking Intensive Workshop

This fast-paced, two-day public speaking workshop is equal parts fun and intensity. Learn to deliver your message to a group in the most clear, concise and compelling ways.

We create a safe environment for essential peer feedback, video evaluation and coaching. Multiple practice sessions lead up to an action plan for developing positive speaking habits.

Learn about proper eye contact, use of pauses, vocal tools (pace/volume/inflection), movement, body language, posture, gestures and facial expressions.

Additionally, work to conquer fear, get and keep your audience's attention, and overcome room, sound and logistical obstacles.

Whether you are a professor, sales professional, CEO, coach, clergy, someone who leads meetings, or anyone who talks with more than one person at a time, this class is ideal for sharpening your communication skill-set.

Bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and your sense of humor.

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