Course: GIS Web Mapping (NC-GIS_WEBMAP)

In this course, you will learn how to leverage different Web GIS products, including ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server, to create interactive displays of spatial data to tell stories, answer questions, conduct spatial analysis, and spark exploration among users. Additionally, you will learn how to publish different mapping and geoprocessing services from ArcGIS Pro which is used to create a number of web products offered by Esri. Web applications utilize interactivity to engage users and provide a connection between a server and a client. This course will explore different platforms and tailor those to enhance certain datasets and situations such as 3D modeling, spatial analysis and way finding.

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Students will be using ArcGIS Pro, and will need a computer/laptop with a Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • The software is free, and students will download it in class (you do not need to download it prior to the start of the course). 
  • Note that ArcGIS Pro is not compatible with Apple/Mac devices.

Please refer to the ArcGIS Pro system requirements page for a list of compatible Windows operating systems.

Available Sessions

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