Course Detail: LNG126 - Spanish: Beginner I - NEW!

Learn to speak Spanish pronto!

Imagine yourself speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto.

Students will learn six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form sentences. The main recipe, "The Magic Circle," is so powerful that, by learning just 200 vocabulary words, students will be able to say close to 150,000 sentences in Spanish. In no time at all, students will be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation and converse in Spanish. ¡Qué Bueno!

Students will learn:
  • How to converse in a Spanish-speaking restaurant
  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives, numbers, and how to tell time in Spanish
  • Seasons, months of the year, days of the week, and weather
  • Travel-related vocabulary and fun phrases for your journey
  • To produce wh-questions- who, what, when, where, and why? 
  • How to discuss physical and mental health issues in Spanish
  • How to identify different types of clothing 
  • How to share wants and needs 
  • To share likes and dislikes 
  • Occupation-related vocabulary
  • How to speak on the phone in Spanish

Student Reviews:

"I have tried other books and tapes to try to learn Spanish, but this course was the most helpful. Very simple and very informative. The recipes were simply brilliant."

"I much prefer this conversational/usable type of instruction to the customary sit in the class and memorize words that have no use at that particular time."


About the Instructor:

Dan Mikels is a college instructor who has been teaching Spanish for more than 20 years. He holds a master's degree and has authored and coauthored more than 20 educational products and a variety of reading programs.

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Times: 12:00am-12:01am EDT
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