Course Detail: LNG916 - German: Intermediate

Join us on a journey to elevate your German language proficiency and unlock new opportunities for communication, comprehension, and cultural engagement! 

The course consists of two-hour sessions, with each meeting tailored to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

First Hour:

During the initial hour, emphasis will be placed on refining fundamental language skills:

  • Grammar: Exploring advanced grammatical concepts such as subjunctive mood, passive voice, and complex sentence structures. Through interactive exercises and targeted instruction, students will deepen their understanding of German syntax and usage.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Introducing a diverse range of vocabulary relevant to everyday conversations, professional settings, and academic discourse. Through thematic units and contextual learning, participants will enrich their lexicon and strengthen their ability to express ideas fluently.
  • Pronunciation and Speaking Practice: Focusing on accurate pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm to improve oral communication skills. Activities will include role-plays, discussions, and pronunciation drills to enhance spoken fluency and comprehension.

Second Hour:

The latter part of each session will be dedicated to enhancing reading proficiency:

  • Reading Comprehension: Engaging with authentic texts, including articles, short stories, and excerpts from literature, to develop reading comprehension skills. Students will learn strategies for extracting meaning from written passages, identifying key information, and inferring context.
  • Text Analysis: Analyzing the structure, style, and cultural nuances embedded within German texts to deepen comprehension and appreciation of the language. Through guided discussions and exercises, learners will sharpen their critical thinking skills and literary analysis abilities.
  • Vocabulary Consolidation: Reinforcing newly acquired vocabulary through contextualized reading activities and vocabulary-building exercises. Students will encounter words in diverse contexts, solidifying their understanding and retention of lexical items.

Prerequisite: Prior completion of a beginner-level German course or basic knowledge of the language is recommended to ensure participants are equipped with foundational skills necessary for intermediate-level learning.

Note: Students will need a German language dictionary during class (printed or electronic).

Instructor Aaron Stanley is a German teacher and avid traveler. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne and an Indiana educator's license. He spent two months abroad in Germany and another month between England, France, and Spain. He has worked with international and domestic students for a number of years, and enjoys sharing the German language and culture with others.

Master the German language by taking this additional course.

German: Advanced

 Session Information: 24FLNG916

Schedule: Mondays, October 14 - November 11 (5 sessions)
Times: 06:00pm-08:00pm EDT


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Aaron Stanley

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