Course Detail: CMP215 - Intro to AI and Machine Learning - NEW!

Learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Begin with the science behind AI computer systems, which can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, and AI ethics, applications, and more. Then learn about machine learning, the problem it is trying to solve, and specific techniques and applications used in supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning. 

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This course will prepare you with a practical knowledge foundation of key definitions, applications, processes, techniques, and more, enabling you to sharpen your knowledge and skills in the fields of AI and machine learning.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
This course will introduce you to various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) and how we interact with AI as consumers in applications like chatbots and recommendation engines. You will see how AI provides analytics in business and consider industries that may be transformed or even disrupted by AI implementations. Next, you will go under the hood to see how computers can "learn" using artificial neural networks and various forms of machine learning. You will review AI applications such as natural language processing, forecasting, and robotics. You will also learn about the AI development process and how AI will affect the workforce. And lastly, you will consider some of the ethical factors in AI deployment. 

Introduction to Machine Learning 
Machine learning can be used to solve specific kinds of problems when key considerations in selecting data for a machine learning project are implemented properly. You will learn about specific techniques used in supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning, which applications each type of machine learning is best suited for, and the type of training data each requires.You will also be able to differentiate offline and online training and predictions, automated machine learning, and how the cloud environment affects machine learning functions. Finally, you will explore some of the most significant areas in the very active area of machine learning research.


About the Instructor 
David Iseminger is an author and technology veteran with expertise in computing, networking, wireless and cloud technologies, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. While with Microsoft, David worked on early versions of Windows and its core networking infrastructure, transmission protocols, security, data visualizations, and multiple emerging cloud technologies. David is passionate about education, serving as a School Board director for over ten years, advocating at state and federal levels for increased learning standards, and has taught over 40,000 students through multiple technology courses. He has an awarded patent in Artificial Intelligence (AI) object detection and social posting methodologies. He is the founder and CEO of the blockchain company that created IronWeave, the unlimited scale blockchain platform, based on his patent-pending blockchain innovations and inventions.

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