Instructor: Aaron Stanley

Aaron Stanley
Biography: Instructor Aaron Stanley is a German teacher and avid traveler. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne and an Indiana educator's license. He has spent two months abroad (in Germany) and a total of one month between England, France, and Spain. He has worked with international and domestic students for a number of years, and enjoys sharing the German language and culture with others.

Classes by this instructor

German: Advanced - NEW!
This advanced course emphasizes expanding vocabulary and crafting complex sentences through interactive exercises. Students will enhance their ability to express ideas clearly and precisely. Practical application will improve fluency in communication, while reading and comprehension skills will be developed through text analysis. Prerequisite: German: Intermediate level or equivalent proficiency.
November 18, 2024 to December 9, 2024, Science Bldg Rm 304
German: Beginner
Embark on an immersive journey into the German language! This beginner-level course covers pronunciation, basic vocabulary, grammar, and reading literacy. Each two-hour session combines interactive learning, focusing on grammar, vocabulary expansion, and speaking activities in the first hour, with guided reading sessions in the second hour. Develop essential language skills through engaging exercises, discussions, and authentic texts, and step confidently into the world of German language and culture.
September 9, 2024 to October 7, 2024, Science Bldg Rm 304
German: Intermediate
This course aims to advance intermediate learners' German language skills through expanded vocabulary, complex grammar, and intensive reading practice. Sessions consist of two hours, with the first hour dedicated to grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking, while the second hour focuses on enhancing reading comprehension. Participants will engage with advanced grammatical concepts, diverse vocabulary, and authentic texts to deepen their understanding and fluency. Prerequisite: Completion of the beginner-level German course or equivalent basic knowledge.
October 14, 2024 to November 11, 2024, Science Bldg Rm 304