Instructor: Seth Green

Seth Green
Biography: Seth Green is an Associate Professor of Ceramics in the Department of Art and Design at Purdue Fort Wayne. He received a MFA degree in Ceramics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2009 and a BA degree in Art from Southern Utah University in 2006. He enjoys teaching ceramics, is active in his studio practice, and receives national recognition for his ceramic vessels. For more information about Seth and to see examples of his work work, please refer to his website.

Classes by this instructor

Ceramics: Pottery Decorating Techniques
Learning to decorate pottery in new and innovative ways will be the focus of this class. Decorating techniques such as stamping, texturizing, piercing, and others will be demonstrated. Participants will have an opportunity to make pottery forms, try out new decorating techniques, and glaze fire their work to completion.
October 1, 2024 to November 5, 2024, Visual Arts Bldg Rm 114
Ceramics: Tea Bowls and Tumblers
If you are looking for an opportunity to learn how make tea bowls and tumblers and improve your wheel throwing skills, this is the class for you! The course will focus on wheel throwing and trimming drinking vessels.
November 19, 2024 to December 19, 2024, Visual Arts Bldg Rm 114
Ceramics: Wood and Soda Firing
This class will focus on making various pottery forms intended to be fired in our NEW hybrid wood/soda kiln as well as other kilns. Participants will learn how to glaze and prepare pottery for wood/soda firings, as well as learn how to load and fire the kiln.
August 20, 2024 to September 24, 2024, Visual Arts Bldg Rm 114