Instructor: Jason Moyer

Jason Moyer
Biography: Jason Moyer is the Mechanical Engineering Lab Technician at PFW. He has a degree in Computer Aided Drafting from Pennsylvania College of Technology. He has worked in various roles in engineering and manufacturing since 2005 and has experience in manual machining, fabrication, and machine design.

Classes by this instructor

Fundamentals of CNC Machining Certificate
Gain a working knowledge of basic machining practices as well as a knowledge of CNC code that will allow you to write programs and make program edits rather than just loading a part and hitting the start button. Upon completion of this certificate, you will become more versatile and more valuable to a prospective employer and you will obtain a new skill set to build on as you continue to grow in your career.
January 4, 2025 to April 12, 2025, Engineering, Technology & Computer Science Bldg. CNC Lab 137