Instructor: Greg Smith

Greg Smith
Biography: Greg Smith teaches French at the University of Saint Francis, as well as privately. He developed language fluency at l'Institut International d'Études Françaises in Strasbourg, France. Smith convenes the Café Français, a weekly gathering of learners and native speakers of French in Fort Wayne.

Classes by this instructor

French Conversation: Beginning I
Bonjour! Join us to explore the vibrant cultures of French-speaking peoples. Through engaging activities, conversations, and direct interactions with native speakers, you'll gain fluency, cultural insights, and valuable connections. Discussions will include your likes and dislikes, family information, abilities and desires, and leisure activities. No prior French knowledge is required.
September 10, 2024 to October 8, 2024, Purdue Fort Wayne Doermer School of Business Rm 108
French Conversation: Beginning II
This course builds upon foundational skills from French Conversation: Beginning I, focusing on enhancing conversational fluency, pronunciation, and grammar. Through interactive learning, including discussions and cultural exploration, students gain confidence in expressing themselves accurately in French while also gaining insights into French culture.
October 22, 2024 to November 19, 2024, Purdue Fort Wayne Doermer School of Business Rm 108