Instructor: Lori Berndt

Lori Berndt
Biography: Lori Berndt is president and co-owner of The Olive Twist, Inc. and has been in the olive oil industry since 2010. She studies the in-depth world of olive oil by focusing on olive oil chemistry, tasting & sensory analysis, and through her close relationships with growers, importers, and olive oil experts.

Classes by this instructor

Olive Oil 101: The Olive Twist
Join us for an immersive class led by olive oil expert Lori Berndt from The Olive Twist. Learn to select premium extra virgin olive oils with confidence, discovering their nuances through sensory training and gaining insights into quality, health benefits, and culinary applications. Explore varietals, detect freshness, and embrace the art of olive oil selection for a healthier and more flavorful culinary experience. Elevate your cooking and nourish your well-being with The Olive Twist's expertise.
Tuesday, October 15, 2024, PFW Campus - Room TBD
Salad Dressing Bootcamp
In this class, we will be looking at store bought salad dressings made with chemicals and artificial ingredients and comparing them to simple flavorful homemade dressings. Taste the difference & educate yourself on how to make a better dressing from chemical free ingredients, including quality extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic.
Tuesday, October 22, 2024, PFW Campus - Room TBD
Salt of the Earth and Pepper from the Grinder - NEW!
Delve into the world of salts and peppers with this comprehensive course. Learn about the origins, compositions, and culinary uses of different salts and peppers, from Himalayan pink salt to various pepper varieties. Explore factors influencing flavor and quality, including mineral content and processing methods, and gain practical insights into selecting and storing these essential ingredients. Enhance your cooking skills through interactive tastings and discussions on flavor pairings and innovative culinary techniques.
Tuesday, November 5, 2024, PFW Campus - Room TBD