Course Detail: PER814 - Introduction to SEO for Digital Marketers

Learn the basics of digital marketing and specifically how search engine optimization (SEO) can support your organization's overall marketing strategy.

Whether you're a marketing professional, small business owner, student, or business professional looking to improve your organization's visibility on search engines, this course will help you understand how to maximize your marketing efforts.

Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the foundations of digital marketing, how computers and servers communicate and ways to evaluate a website's performances based on three general objectives.
  • Creating great websites and landing pages using the principles of web design to improve your SEO results
  • Discover the basics of Google analytics and discover ways to identify and measure key performance indicators to aid in making better decisions
  • Learn search engines past, present, and future and how history and the roadmap for the future can guide better marketing decisions today.
  • Choose the best search phrases to target and maximize your relevance on-page to increase quality visitors to your website.
  • Learn how SEO is not just what you do on your website, but also includes many off-site marketing strategies for optimal results.

Who Should Participate:
  • Marketers: Individuals currently in a marketing role that want to expand their knowledge of digital marketing and the best practices for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Owners: Small to mid-size business owners or entrepreneurs who may feel lost or left behind in the world of SEO and digital marketing.
  • Students: Current students or recent graduates who desire to build and expand their resume.
  • Professionals: Professionals who are looking to sharpen the saw as a digital marketer for themselves or their company.


Session 1: Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Technical Terms
  • Describe how computers and servers communicate to enable people to interact with webpages
  • Name three objectives of a website
  • Evaluate a website's performance based on its three general objectives

Session 2: How Web Design and Landing Pages Impact Your SEO Strategy
  • Principles of Good Web Design
  • Page Elements
  • Landing Pages

Session 3: Web Analytics - Turning Data into Actionable Information
  • How Analytics Works
  • Metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Making Better Decisions

Session 4: SEO - Building Your Comprehensive On-Site SEO Strategy
  • Maximizing Relevance
  • Choosing Target Search Phrases
  • Creating High Quality Webpages
  • Other SEO Considerations
  • Local Search Rankings
  • Search Engines Past and Future

Session 5: SEO - Opportunities to Improve
  • Off-Site
  • Links
  • Popularity Metrics
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing

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