Course Detail: PER442 - Elements of Painting: Introduction - NEW!

Have you ever looked at a painting and it just drew you in? Do you have any idea why that is?

Most likely it is because the artist not only brought their emotion to it, but also had the understanding of all the elements that make a painting work.

A successful painting needs a foundation in place, just as a home can not stand up without the underlying structure to support it. You can't just hang a window in space, it needs the proper framework just as a work of art needs a foundation and a clear understanding of the elements to hold it together. 

The six basic elements for successful paintings include drawing, design ,value, color, edges, and mark making. Join us for a fun and informative six weeks of introduction to each of these elements, which will eventually help structure your own painting, wherever you are in your artistic journey.

Whatever medium and any style you appreciate is welcome for this intro class. Lectures, studio assignments, and field trips will be part of the curriculum as we explore what makes a painting great.

This class is open to anyone, at any level, that would like to learn more about the elements of painting. Join us for this fun and informative class!

Registration is now open!

Session topics:
1. Drawing - classroom (September 21)
2. Composition - lecture & field trip (September 28)
3. Value - classroom (October 5)
4. Color - classroom (October 12)
5. Edges - lecture & field trip (October 19)
6. Mark Making - lecture & field trip (October 26)

Important Notes:

  • All field trips will be local to the Fort Wayne area. Participants must provide their own transportation to these sites. Minimal admission fees may apply and are not included in the price of the course.
  • Students will need to bring a sketchbook to class. All other materials are included in the price of the course and will be provided in class.

Instructor Hilarie Couture has always been an artist, but only recently has been able to concentrate on her art full time. All of her life experiences have translated to her canvases as she is self- taught, but attends workshops from many artists she admires. Hilarie has work in galleries in Washington state and in Fort Wayne. She has had solo shows and has participated in various local and national group shows.

In 2016, she curated her own traveling show in Vancouver, Washington called "Founding Mothers: Portraits of Progress" where she painted 55 portraits of women who made contributions in her community, in an effort to honor them. This show exhibited throughout the city for almost two years at numerous venues as a community outreach and at the Historic Museum and the Fort Vancouver Gallery as a tribute to these remarkable women during Women's History month. Later, Hilarie wrote a book to document the project.

Hilarie has also been a guest judge for various art group competitions. She has won numerous awards for her paintings and is a member of several artist societies.

Hilarie believes in giving back and sharing what she has learned to help other artists. She believes that art education is important, especially at an early age, and has taught art history and practical application of art principles to home schooled children.

Hilarie is inspired by light and color. Her passion brings an energy to the painting of people. She is constantly stretching and creating new work, that not only incorporates painting with other mixed elements to display new textures, but that is also more of an exploration of the materials and the process. Her work combines meanings, contrasts, subject matter, thick and thin paint, hard and soft edges, paint with pastel, gold leaf and some other unconventional materials in whatever she creates. She wants the viewer to linger, wonder, enjoy, and be intertwined to the works.


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