Course Detail: HLT376 - Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English)

Help translate a wide range of medical information - including medical conditions, treatment options, follow-up appointment details, billing, and insurance to Spanish-speaking patients.

Prerequisite:  You must speak English and Spanish fluently. There is no requirement regarding formal education in either Spanish or English. However, you must be able to speak English and Spanish without any hesitations.

The Medical Interpreter training course prepares you to work in hospitals, medical offices and in any healthcare environment where a Spanish interpreter is needed. In addition, the Medical Interpreter training course prepares you to sit in any of the Medical Interpreting examinations available in the country. This course is language specific - Spanish/English.You will acquire the three interpreting skills - simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation. You will learn the proper transfer of medical terminology into Spanish, divided into the different areas in a hospital and medical specialties. Intensive online interpreting laboratory practices are included in this training course.

What you will learn:
  • Develop best practice interpreting techniques - simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation
  • Learn medical terminology in both Spanish and English and the corresponding transfer into the opposite language
  • Understand protocol when interpreting for a Spanish-speaking patient
  • Master the code of ethics of the medical interpreter
  • Study the necessary material to sit in any Spanish Medical Interpreter examination
  • Develop professionalism, accuracy, and a mastery of cross-cultural differences
How you will benefit:
  • Prepare for a job as a certified or non-certified medical interpreter
  • Become ready to successfully take the medical interpreter certification exam
  • Master medical terminology in both Spanish and English and take these language skills to any medical-related job
  • Access the course's online laboratory to practice your skills

This course is 100% online. Visit the website for session options.

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.


About the Instructor
Nestor Wagner is a certified Court and Medical Interpreter who has been teaching interpreting courses since 1990. He has the highest pass rate of certified court interpreters in the nation. He has published several books in the interpreting community. Nestor is involved in the examination process for Immigration Interpreters and Analytical Linguists. He participates as speakers in national and international conferences on Criminal, Civil and Immigration Court terminology, advanced interpreting skills, and localization in the transfer of legal and non-legal terminology. He holds a Master's degree from the University of Washington.

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