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Course Detail: PER709 - Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
Searching for ways to reduce the symptoms of stress, while improving attention and well-being? Mindfulness and meditation can help transform quality-of-life for many people.

This course will teach theoretical understanding and practical application of these concepts. Meditation will be taught not just as a technique, but as a way to be in life, resulting in a positive impact on wellness.

Benefits of Mindfulness:
1. Eases aches and pains by lessening perception of pain.
2. Mindfulness makes us smarter and improves decision-making.
3. It can improve your mood and reduce loneliness.
4. It can enhance creativity.
5. It has been shown to slow down neurodegenerative diseases.
6. It can boost attention span and focus.
7. It can increase our ability to feel empathy and benevolence for others.
8. With Mindfulness, you can experience increased resilience and equanimity.

Start living in the moment and experiencing all of the wonderful benefits that Mindfulness and Meditation has to offer. There are no prerequisites for this class except an open mind.

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