Course Detail: FIT196 - Yoga for Everyone

Start practicing yoga today and begin a healing journey that relieves stress and improves posture, mood and outlook!

Ever wonder why yoga is so popular? It's because it offers a non-competitive fitness outlet that is suitable for everyone - regardless of their age, gender, race, size, shape, background, and yes, even their fitness level!

Although yoga is physical in nature, it also benefits emotional well being. Yoga physically strengthens the muscles in the spine creating flexibility and ease in motion and is a tremendous stress reducer. Because yoga isn't one size fits all, you can adapt it to your own body. There is a basic outline and alignment for each posture, but it's also about listening to your own body and moving from within.This class will give those who are new to yoga a judgement-free atmosphere in which to learn. For the more advanced yoga enthusiasts, this class will give you the opportunity to explore new areas.

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