Course Detail: MUS150 - Music Recording and Production I - NEW!

This is an introductory course in music/audio recording and production, including Avid Pro Tools User Certification. Topics will include a review of the physics of sound, critical/technical listening and analysis, microphones, digital audio, Pro Tools DAW fundamentals, and basic audio signal flow. Students will be required to create music recording projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Operate Avid Pro Tools at a basic level in order to produce audio and music recordings.
  • Receive Avid Pro Tools User Certification.
  • Develop beginning technical and critical listening skills.
  • Review, understand and apply the essential physics of sound,hearing, acoustics, and music.
  • Demonstrate understanding of various microphone designs and features.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of digital audio fundamentals.
  • Analyze audio and music recordings in a critical manner, with reference to audio and music creation and production.
  • Demonstrate command of concepts, terminology, and procedures related to the field of music recording and production.

Earn your Avid Pro Tools User Certification!

Built into this course is the Avid Pro Tools Fundamentals 101 and 110 curriculum. Even with little to no ProTools experience, this course will teach you everything you need to know to create basic music recording and production projects in Pro Tools. After successfully passing the Pro Tools 101 Exam, and Pro Tools 110 Exam, you will receive your official Avid Pro Tools User Certification.

Course Requirements*:

         Participants must have a personal/home recording system that includes the following:

  • Computer capable of running Pro Tools
  • Avid Pro Tools (version 2020 or newer recommended)
Recommended peripherals:
  • Recording interface
  • Condenser microphone and XLR-XLR cable
  • Good quality closed-back headphones with 1/4" and 1/8" connectors

*Course textbooks and additional materials are included in the registration fee and will be distributed upon the start of class.

This class has two options to participate:

1. Fully in-person at Purdue Fort Wayne's Sweetwater Music Center on the Sweetwater campus.

Please see current health and safety guidelines and requirements for in-person learning here:  Purdue Fort Wayne Health & Safety Guidelines

2. Fully online via Zoom. Students will participate in the live sessions during scheduled course days and times.

Instructor:  John M. Buteyn, Director of Popular Music & Music Industry Programs, Clinical Assistant Professor

John M. Buteyn is a producer, audio engineer, musician, and composer in Indiana. He is the Director of Popular Music and Music Industry Programs, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Music at Purdue University Fort Wayne,where he is responsible for the administration and growth of the programs, our partnership with Sweetwater Sound, the management of the recording facilities, and our Avid Learning Partnership.  John teaches various courses in music production and recording, including Avid Certification courses.  His courses provide practical learning experiences to help his students thrive in today's music industry.

John prides himself in providing honest and reliable production, tracking, mixing, and mastering. He has been a musician and sound engineer for nearly his entire life and approaches each project with a fresh perspective and dedication to enhance the vision and goals of the artist.

John received his Master of Music in Music Technology from Georgia Southern University where he studied music technology, composition, and media arts with Dr. John Thompson. John also holds Bachelor degrees in Music and Business Administration from Houghton College where he was mentored by Kevin Jackson in Recording Arts.

John has presented work at concerts and symposiums including the Studio 300Digital Art and Music Festival at Transylvania University, and the Phi Kappa Phi Research Symposium at Georgia Southern University. His performing music and engineering projects cover genres such as classical, folk, rock, pop and country, including artists The Afternoon Edition, Tough Old Bird, Derek Fields, Patrick, Barry, Pocket Vinyl, Bill John Newbrough, The Barry Brothers Band, Mike Zale, Jesse Sprinkle, Mozart Festival Opera, and Micah Kephart.

In addition to many album credits, Buteyn has a number of television/film credits including music featured on the theatrical trailer "Gimme Shelter" (Day Twenty-Eight Films; Rishon Films).  He is proud to be affiliated with Avid, Audio Engineering Society (AES), and Pi Kappa Lambda.

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