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Participants in this course learn an overview of airplane static and dynamic stability and control theory and applications as well as classical control theory and applications to airplane control systems. An overview of flying qualities and regulations is included.

Course preview webinar: Flight Dynamics in Airplane Design: The Importance of Trim

May 15-19, 2023, BEST Conference Center
This course will focus on how to successfully complete an FAA type certificate project based on the published process outlined by the FAA, including a review of all required FAA forms and when to use them.

May 15-18, 2023, BEST Conference Center
This course covers the design concepts required to ensure all aspects of aircraft HIRF electrical wiring, installations, and aircraft-level systems are safe for operation. It also covers the typical certification process for HIRF from a very practical, step-by-step perspective and examine all steps used by aircraft OEMs to show compliance to HIRF regulations. The 14 CFR 25.1317 for transport category airplanes will be used as the baseline regulation.

May 15-19, 2023, BEST Conference Center
This course is designed to provide a qualitative understanding of aeroelastic behavior for aerospace vehicles. The class will explore different forms of aeroelastic phenomena and associated issues in structural dynamics and aerodynamic-structure interaction. The level of class instruction is appropriate for engineers and managers with an undergraduate degree in engineering.

May 15-19, 2023, BEST Conference Center