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The KU Aerospace Short Course Program presents free webinars, as well as the History of Airplane Design webinar series, for which a fee is charged.

Free Webinars

Throughout the year, our industry-expert instructors create and present free, one-hour webinars on a variety of aerospace topics. These webinars are recorded and made available on our website.

History of Airplane Design Webinar Series

Dr. Jan Roskam presents the History of Airplane Design webinar series. Each one-hour webinar focuses on specific companies and their contributions to the commercial, military and transport aircraft industries. Learn from a legend in aircraft design how some of today's best known companies got started, persevered or went bankrupt, merged or made it on their own. History of Airplane Design webinars are not available for viewing following the live presentation.

Courses & Events

Dr. Jan Roskam continues his historical review of four more airplane manufacturing companies. From WWII attack fighters to cargo and passenger airplanes, you will gain valuable insight into their design processes, successes and failures.
Safety concerns associated with aging electrical wiring on commercial aircraft and the increased reliance on electrical systems on new aircraft have highlighted the need for greater regulatory control over the electrical wiring and components. Join Thomas Taylor as he presents a free webinar on the history of Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS), along with an overview of the FAA regulations and advisory material used in demonstrating compliance for aircraft certification.
Today's aircrews interact with many different systems on flight decks to safely fly the aircraft and conduct a number of tasks. These include technical systems such as visual displays, auditory displays, manual control devices, seats and restraints, as well as social systems such as the flight crew and air traffic controllers. In order to aviate, navigate and communicate in flight, the human operator must interact with these systems individually, but also in unison as a system-of-systems. In this webinar, Andrew Appleton will discuss the human factors challenges and mitigation strategies that should be considered by aviation designers and operators.
From the first plane to break the sound barrier to today's Bombardier, Dr. Jan Roskam will provide an in-depth look at projects, planes and processes pioneered by these seven companies.
From the earliest simplistic attempts to figure out vertical flight to the modern age of tiltrotor transport configuration, composite fuselages and rotors and fly-by-wire control systems, join Harold Rosenstein as he presents a free webinar on rotorcraft history and development.
This webinar will highlight type certification and supplemental Type Certification concepts and the establishment of a certification basis. It will also cover cabin and seating compliance inspections, along with findings of compliance with applicable airworthiness standards.
In this webinar, Dr. Jan Roskam takes you "across the pond" to profile five British aircraft manufacturers.
In today's modern aircraft there is a greater reliance on highly integrated electrical systems in performing critical airplane functions. The Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) is now seen as an essential component to the overall safety of the airplane. Join Thomas Taylor as he presents a free webinar on the requirements and methodology used in developing the EWIS safety analysis.
From the most produced military airplane (ever), to a glider manufacturer who ended up developing a very successful series of jet trainers, this webinar delves into two Russian and four French aircraft manufacturing companies -highlighting their innovations, successes and failures.