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Advanced Avionics covers systems that will be the mainstay of CNS (communications, navigation and surveillance) in the future. Course material reviews the basic theory of navigation and provides a thorough introduction and survey of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), with emphasis on GPS. Modern surveillance systems based on Mode-S and ADS-B are also covered as are both wired and wireless communications systems.

October 23-27, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando
This course covers the meteorology and physics of aircraft icing. Topics include forecasting, finding and avoiding icing conditions, designing and evaluating ice protection systems, and certification of aircraft for flight into known icing conditions.

October 23-26, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando
This course focuses on the requirements and methods that can be used to demonstrate compliance to 14 CFR 25.1709 (EWIS Safety Analysis). The discussion will examine the use of FAA AC 25.1701-1 to prepare a Functional and Physical Analysis. The course will also include an overview of the EWIS requirements included in 14 CFR Part 25, subpart H.

Course preview webinar: Developing an EWIS Safety Analysis: Methodology & Requirements

October 23-27, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are comprised of an unmanned vehicle (UAV), a manned control element(s), and various data and control links. Although unmanned, the vehicle is still an aircraft and must be tested with the same rigor and precision as manned systems. However, being "unmanned" and being part of an integrated system, UAVs demand unique flight test approaches that present corresponding challenges.

Course preview webinar: Taking the Pilot out of the Cockpit is a Big Deal!

October 23-25, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando
This course will provide participants with an understanding of electromagnetic effects related to aircraft engineering requirements, FAA certification requirements, testing requirements for both DO-160 bench testing and aircraft level testing related to EMC/P-Static/ESD/TPED's/HIRF/EWIS and lightning.

October 23-27, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando
This course provides the fundamentals for developing and assessing software to the standard RTCA DO-178B and DO-178C Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, as well as associated RTCA DO-178C supplements in DO-330, DO-331, DO-332 and DO-333.

October 23-26, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando
This course develops the skills necessary to write and review system safety assessments for regulatory compliance to 14CFR 2X.1309 and 23.2510. Please note: This course replaces Commercial Aircraft Safety Assessment and 1309 Design Analysis.

April 17-21, 2023, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport Southcenter
October 23-27, 2023, B Resort Hotel Orlando