Course Detail: OSH-VAEPIC - Virginia: Epicenter of American Entertainment

Playing a wide variety of 15+ instruments (some vintage, some personally crafted) 'edutainer' Lamar Banister will demonstrate through story and tune Virginia's remarkable musical legacy up to the 1960s. The development of some instruments will also be discussed. Participation is encouraged as we clap, tap, and sing along with familiar and surprising tunes of triumph, tragedy, joy, and just plain fun, transitioning through Colonial, Spirituals, Country, Western, Folk, and Blues.

 Session Information: OSH224.VAEPIC

Schedule: Thursday, 2/29
Times: 10:00am - 12:00pm


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Lamar Banister

Facility Detail

Jepson Alumni Center
JAC, Robins Pavilion 151
442 Westhampton Way
Richmond, VA 23173
JAC, Robins Pavilion 151