Revisit or learn for the first time the basic techniques you need to enjoy golf as recreation and sport. Solidify the essentials of set up, grip, posture and alignment.

June 7-21, 2021, RIVERS
Basic Wilderness Life Support is a wilderness first responder course appropriate for those who spend a lot of time in remote locations (professionally or recreationally).

This course contains no sessions at this time.
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If you are a golfer looking to lower your score by improving your short game, this class is for you. Develop your putting, chipping and pitching. Gain an understanding about which shot to use in various situations during a round.

May 10-24, 2021, RIVERS
June 1-15, 2021, RIVERS
Learn the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair in this comprehensive two-day course designed for the beginner. Students will be able to go home after the first day and practice their skills, and return to ask specific questions. This hands-on class will take the mystery out of maintaining your bicycle and provide skills necessary to keep your bicycle running smoothly. All tools and bicycles will be provided by the instructor.

July 17-18, 2021, RTEC 123
Learn the basics of dehydration and techniques to improve the meals you pack for your adventures. This course is great for anyone curious about creating meals for the trail, whether you already own a dehydrator or not, and is suitable for people with dietary restrictions who want to improve their options. The cost of the course includes The Dehydrator Cookbook for Outdoor Adventures written by the instructor.

This course contains no sessions at this time.