Revisit or learn for the first time the basic techniques needed to enjoy golf as recreation and sport. Solidify the essentials of setup, grip, posture and alignment. Increase your comfort with the game to better enjoy yourself on the course. Bring your own clubs or clubs available for use during class.
Learn the basics of cross-country ski touring including how to walk, glide, climb, stop, turn and use poles. This class is designed for those who have seldom or never been on skis or those who are coming back to the sport. You'll learn the most efficient diagonal stride and how to control your speed. A solid base of fitness is essential.
If you are a golfer looking to lower your score by improving your short game, this class is for you. Develop your putting, chipping and pitching.
Join naturalist Damian Fagan and explore the wonders of Crater Lake National Park. View the beauty of ancient Mt. Mazama from scenic viewpoints along the Rim Drive and hike diverse trails to locations such as Mt. Scott, Union Peak, Crater Peak, The Watchman, Garfield Peak and more. Learn about the geologic forces that created Crater Lake and the ecology of the park. Each day will feature a mix of overlooks and short and long trails. Hikes range from 1-7 miles in length with varying degrees of difficulty and elevation gain.
Explore the natural history of the Three Sisters Wilderness on foot with expert, Damian Fagan as your guide. This course includes three separate hikes to lakes in the area; Sisters Mirror Lake Trail, Horse Lake Trail and Six Lakes Trail.
Learn the basic features of topographic maps and a magnetic compass. Get more out of your outdoor pursuits by understanding the details of integrating the use of a compass and map.
Find and identify wild mushrooms, those edible treasures hidden in our local forests. You will learn basic identification, terminology and the most common local genera.
In this workshop, students will gain inspiration from contemporary poets who embrace a variety of forms. Learn to follow prompts to see where they will lead you and feed your fertile imagination sufficiently to fill a new notebook or MacBook with fresh and nourishing poems.