Join COCC professor Lin Hong and learn alongside COCC credit students in this introduction to the history, politics, society and economy of China through the viewing and analyzing of a selection of films. This course is a blend of face-to-face classroom instruction with online instruction resulting in a reduction of classroom seat-time.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Create a unique and special keepsake to remember a special trip or time in your life. Learn memoir and travel writing techniques by using a series of writing and memory prompts. In this class, you will write several small pieces that can be polished and integrated with items from a trip or event.

August 17-24, 2019, RDM3 306
If a roller coaster went straight and level, it would just be a quick train ride. In this two-day workshop, you'll learn how to make your stories (fictional and nonfictional) interesting and exciting by exploring a variety of craft methods to hook, engage, and hold your readers, even after they've finished reading.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Assuming that your readers are human, it's the characters in your story (fictional or nonfictional) and the way they interact with the world that keeps their interest. Plot and story are important, but only in the way they affect and change your characters. In this two-part workshop, you'll learn to develop and define characters as multi-dimensional people that your readers care about, then let them loose on the world.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Flash fiction and nonfiction are increasingly popular and sought after literary forms in magazine and journal publishing.  In this workshop, students will better understand the genre by reading and discussing some samples, creating some drafts of flash pieces using prompts, and workshopping those pieces with one another.

August 3-10, 2019, HCC 0260
Avoid spoon-feeding your readers too much exposition and invite them deep into your story. In this Creative Writing Workshop, we'll draw on techniques from prose and poetry that emotionally engage readers and allow them their own discovery while maintaining clarity. We'll look at examples of absorbing prose and poetry, and work with prompts and exercises that help us build a mutually rewarding relationship with our audience.

Saturday, August 17, 2019, HCC 0260
Would you like to earn money by working from home (or anywhere else) via computer? This one-of-a-kind workshop shows you how to turn your talent for writing into money in the bank.

August 1-22, 2019, SCI 0190
Award-winning author and college educator  Kathryn Mattingly will introduce you to the art of novel writing. Explore the essential building blocks for the fiction book or memoir you might wish to pen one day. Plot, setting, theme, characterization, point of view and dialogue will all be covered.

August 7-28, 2019, RTEC 224
In this poetry workshop, we'll dig into poems of scarcity and abundance and practice a variety of prompts and techniques to create our own poetic take on the natural world.

Saturday, August 3, 2019, HCC 0230
Sure, you'd love to have a regular writing practice to express yourself in a poem or two, but who has the time? This poetry workshop will help you discover creative and schedule-friendly ways to find the time and brain space you need to get that poem on the page.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Good writing of any kind benefits from clarity, precision, and fresh language, and poetry can help! Perfect the well-crafted line, sharpen your imagery, and get the emotional impact you're after with prompts, exercises, and techniques borrowed from poetry to up your writing game, whatever your genre. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019, HCC 0190
Thanks to tweets, texts and email overload, we've developed bad writing habits including incomplete sentences, too many abbreviations, no punctuation, and poor grammar.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Have you been wondering what to do with your short stories, or questioning if they are publishable? Perhaps you've been meaning to carve out time to write short stories but don't know where to begin. In this course, you will learn the art of the short story, write/edit stories for publication, and be informed about publishing possibilities for your work. Get inspired and let your imagination lead the way to great storytelling!

August 5-26, 2019, CCC 116
How do you get from that initial idea to a revised draft? In this two-part class, we will examine the process of producing creative fiction and nonfiction. We will identify where our ideas come from, how we get them down on paper, how we structure them and fine-tune our prose, and how we assess and evaluate our work. We will engage in writing exercises, and generate new, original work.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
With its publishing thirty years ago, Natalie Goldberg's book Writing Down the Bones© cracked open how the craft of writing was taught in our country. Its message - that writing is available to everyone, not only a special chosen few - has inspired millions to put pen to paper. Each week the class will study this classic text together, then apply the wisdom we glean to timed writing sessions.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Learn the art and science of writing foundation grants for your nonprofit in this hands-on course.

September 23, 2019 to October 14, 2019, CHLAB 301