Learn basic conversational skills in German, including the alphabet, vocabulary and essential grammar structures in order to carry on easy conversations. This course will focus on developing and practicing speaking and listening skills.
Learn the basics of daily communication in Mandarin Chinese. Students will also discover how cultural knowledge helps overcome the fear of speaking a foreign language and enhances the ability to learn and understand the language. This course will also introduce simple Chinese characters and calligraphy. This series is taught by a native of China.
Conversational Spanish I is for the true beginner or novice, with little or no Spanish language instruction. Students will learn the Spanish alphabet, basic grammar construction and vocabulary to help provide a foundation for conversational skills in practical situations.
Conversational Spanish II will pick up where Conversational Spanish I left off. This course is for novice students with some Spanish language instruction. Students will spend in-class time expanding grammar, conversational expressions and vocabulary.
Take your Spanish speaking skills to a higher level in this intermediate language class. Build confidence in daily conversation and gain additional vocabulary and communication skills.
Spanish IV will focus on developing speaking skills in Spanish by learning the use of verb tenses (future tense of regular and irregular verbs, the conditional tense, present perfect tense and present subjunctive) and building vocabulary.
This Conversational Spanish V - Special Study course is for advanced students who want to practice speaking the language and incorporating it into their everyday life. Students will develop Spanish-speaking skills through literature, films, music and conversation. No text is required and the instructor will provide materials. Prerequisites: Conversational Spanish IV and/or V or instructor approval.
Join COCC professor Lin Hong and learn alongside COCC credit students in this introductory Mandarin Chinese class. Chinese 101 is designed for students who have no or little knowledge of the Chinese language. The course begins with an introduction to the sound system of Mandarin Chinese and moves on to basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.