Advance your understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, while fostering a greater level of respect across our community in this three-part course designed from the awareness, knowledge, and skills model of cultural competency.  Sessions are highly interactive and include individual, small team, and large group work with co-facilitators from COCC's Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

March 2-18, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
This course is designed to help you begin or take the next step toward changing any behavior (e.g., losing weight, eating better, improving a relationship, reducing stress, creating life balance, etc.). Learn the five evidence-based principles that have proven essential to the foundation of successful behavioral change.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Welcome to CIA! Collective intelligence is the body of knowledge that grows out of a group. When groups of people work together, they create intelligence that cannot exist on an individual level. Your mission is to engage with subject matter experts to explore some of today's most relevant topics. Presentations will be interactive with a focus on environment, culture, politics, academics and more.

February 3, 2021 to May 19, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Confused, concerned, or finding yourself with so many questions about race in the U.S. right now? Are you seeking an opportunity to understand racism through human connection, lived experience, and respectful conversation? This three-session course provides structured and facilitated dialogue between a panel of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in our community and registered participants in a safe environment for learning and questioning.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Join Lynne Dean, a retired latent fingerprint expert who helped track The Green River Killer, in this fascinating look into the real world of crime scene investigation. View the inside workings of a forensic fingerprint laboratory, learn about the practice of fingerprint mutilation to prevent detection and actively review and analyze evidence from real crime scenes. This course is great for the CSI amateur enthusiast, mystery writers or book clubs. Materials are required for this course.

Saturday, May 15, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Monday, May 17, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Clean up your digital photo collection with professional organizer and photo coach Debbie Bauman. In this interactive course, you will learn how to identify your own personal strategy for managing your photos and techniques to create a beautiful collection of memories that your family will enjoy for generations.

May 6-13, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
We make many choices in the course of our day, but some of those decisions stand out. There are moral and ethical dilemmas that leave us wondering if we made the right choice. A simple example is whether to sit in a slow-moving exit lane or cut in at the last moment - sound familiar? Join us for a lively discussion about the various types of dilemmas we face as well as what drives us to make our choices. End the time with a toolkit to help you navigate your next dilemma.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Using a mixture of lecture and hands-on application, your expert instructor will guide you through the importance of using scale and design before building, foundation basics, the components of a typical wall framing system, framing and truss layout, and roof system basics. You'll learn how to safely use construction tools and tricks of the trade for basic construction for homeowners. For students who want to learn about home/project based construction. Tools will be provided. Students will need to provide their own construction appropriate gloves.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Take the confusion and risk out of DIY electrical projects. Get a solid grounding in how wiring works, what tools you need, how to make connections, how to work with wire and cable and how to avoid the most common errors and, most importantly, how to be safe around electricity.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Learn to trace your family history and make it come alive. This course provides hands-on examples that help you dig deeper into your family's past using several subscription-based websites that you will be able to access during the course.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
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Discover how to appreciate and cherish your aging parents. This course will help you learn what to expect, what to watch for, how to deal with physical and emotional challenges, and where to find resources to help as your parent or loved ones transition into their golden years.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
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Discover the world of Bitcoin and its introduction into the financial world. Starting from the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, the class will analyze the growth, significance and value to date.

February 9-18, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Experience an in-depth analysis on how the software behind Bitcoin works and learn how to buy, sell, and store your own Bitcoin. This course will teach you everything you need to know about the Bitcoin protocol and how you can control your own security.

February 23, 2021 to March 18, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Learn to play any style of music on the guitar, and become the musician you've always wanted to be! This course provides basic guitar skills that you'll build step-by-step with hands-on exercises, audio and video recordings, and detailed instructions to put you well on your way to becoming a skilled player.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
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The literature of Latin America is fascinating and enriching. Join us as we explore the culture, history and geography of Latin America through the lens of her literary geniuses. This course is led in English, so no Spanish language skills are necessary to participate in this panoramic overview of some of the most prolific authors and works from this captivating part of the world. All materials provided by the instructor.

February 24, 2021 to March 17, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Through a practical lens, students will learn about ancient practices of health and wellness for modern humans. From solstice celebrations and drum circles to ayahuasca ceremonies and herbalism, society is witnessing the resurgence of ancient earth-based and shamanistic practices. Through readings and video, the class will study core shamanism, both cross-cultural and universal practices. We will integrate this knowledge with current science demonstrating that our bodies are hardwired for both mystery and healing.

April 28, 2021 to May 19, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Smartphones can be used for so much more than making a call and sending a text message, they can revolutionize the way we live. In this class, learn how to navigate your phone with ease. Explore tips and tricks for using the built-in features, touchscreen, settings, shortcuts, applications, and more. Class will cover both Android and Apple phone features.

May 3-26, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Celebrate your precious memories each month by using your photos to create a calendar for the coming year! Professional organizer and photo coach Debbie Bauman will guide you through the steps to select an online platform, upload or access your digital photos and create a one-of-a-kind calendar.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Join professional organizer and photo coach Debbie Bauman in this interactive online course focused on sorting and organizing printed photos. Students will learn how to identify their photo goals and develop a strategy to achieve those goals. This is a great course for those who are overwhelmed with how to start organizing their boxes, bins, and bags of printed photos and outdated media.

February 23, 2021 to March 2, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM
Experience a uniquely dynamic, introspective, and transformative process that asks the most important life questions. This class will empower you to access your own inner wisdom, power and passion. You will be gently guided by a certified professional coach to clarify, align, and write your life vision and purpose statements based on your core values and guiding principles, and take actions that produce intentional results.

This course contains no sessions at this time.
Buddha taught that we all have a naturally conscious and loving presence. However, we get distracted by our reactions to life situations and develop habits of mind that overshadow our original nature. This course will explore how the Buddhist point of view guides the way to remembering the true heart/mind of compassion.

February 4, 2021 to March 11, 2021, ONLINE ZOOM