Course Detail: WTBA150 - Building Automation Systems Basic Electrical Concepts

This 45-hour course is completed online, over an eight-week period. Most students spend six hours a week on this course. As a result of this training students will be able to explain the history and discovery of electricity and electron theory; summarize basic electrical safety principles; identify resistor types and apply Ohm's Law to calculate unknown electrical values in series, parallel, and combination circuits; and explain the application of DC power generation, storage, and supply methods. This course is one of three, in the Building Automation Systems Level 1 Certificate program. Upon successful completion of the certificate, students may qualify for entry-level positions, including Installer, Maintenance Technician, Facilities Manager, Building Commissioning Agent, Building Operator, Energy Auditor, and Energy Manager.

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Course Pre-requisites
BAS - Fundamentals
BAS - Devices and Control Theory

 Session Information: 24FA-WTBA150-01

Schedule: WTBA 150 is the second of 5 courses that comprise SLCC's Level 1 BAS certificate. It is a 12-week online-only course from 8/20/24 to 11/5/24. The other courses are: WTBA 150 Basic Electrical Concepts, and WTBA 160 Devices & Control Theory. These 3 classes are taken concurrently in the first 15 weeks of Fall 2024 semester. The other two classes are WTBA 170, Fire & Alarm and WTBA 180, which is a capstone class that must include an internship with an approved company, an externship with your current company, or an approved research project. Please refer to Canvas for assignment due dates. You will have 12 weeks to complete the course, so be sure to work on it consistently or you could fall behind.
Times: 07:00pm-07:01pm MDT
Cost : $499.25


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Paul Jones

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SLCC Online
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