Course Detail: WTTG607 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II

The Human Anatomy and Physiology II 100% online, 6 to 8-week instructor-led or 90-day completely self-paced course teaches students about the body's tissues, senses, metabolism, chemistry and significant events in the life span of the average human. After successful completion, students know the four types of tissues; understand cutaneous sensation; know about sensory receptors; understand how vision works; know the structures of the ear and how it works; have learned how sense or taste and smell are perceived by the brain; understand cellular metabolism; have learned how water, acids, bases and salts affect pH and balance in the body; can explain how a fetus develops; understand the process of childbirth from pregnancy to breastfeeding; and know the development periods from neonatal to old age. For more information and to register, click this link:

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