Course detail: Emotional Intelligence Development for Law Enforcement

Course Description:

Much is demanded in the current workplace. But many experts agree that emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important skills to have in today's world. The skill not only helps with your work and private life, but it also helps you have a better understanding of yourself. 

It is particularly important for those in law enforcement to have a high level of emotional intelligence. Many controversial events that have occurred within the profession have been born out of an officer's lack of EQ or their inability to control emotions. 

Emotional Intelligence is also an essential part of resilience. Without it, officers either try to ignore, escape from, or numb out their emotions. The resulting long-term affect can cause both medical and mental health issues as well as problems at work and at home. 

We will learn what emotions are, how to identify them and what we should do with them. We will also discuss how having emotional intelligence can make you more successful as a law enforcement officer.  Working through Daniel Goleman's Five Components of Emotional Intelligence, we will learn how to build and utilize EQ to experience better relationships with those you encounter. In the end, you will have the tools to better interact with others, understanding their mindset and how emotions act on you and them as human beings. 

Core Competency:
  • Participants will support their wellness and resilience with skills learned in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional areas required of law enforcement officers. 
Course Objectives:
  • Define emotions
  • Examine emotions and how to use them
  • Interpret others' emotions and their potential impact on you
Instructor Methods:
  • Lecture
  • Testing
  • Small group discussion
Who Should Attend:
  • All Law Enforcement
Course Requirements:
  • 100% Participation
Fitness Requirements and Expectation of Physical Risk: Sedentary
Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend University of Kansas sponsored events. If you require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in an event, please email KLETC or call 620.694.1400 at least three weeks before the first day of the event. Some events may require notice earlier than three weeks and require you contact a specific individual; if so, that information is provided in the event-specific information.

 Session Information: LE24025F

Schedule: Every day, starting on 08/24/23 and ending on 08/24/23
Times: 08:00am-05:00pm CDT


Participants are responsible for their own snacks, drinks, meals, lodging and travel. Please dress in layers, as the temperature in the room may be difficult to adjust. The session begins at 8:00AM and is estimated to end at 5:00PM. On-site registration will begin at 7:30AM.


Name Additional Resources
Brenda Dietzman

Facility Detail

Salina Police Department Training Room
3770 Yost Drive
Salina, KS 67401

Cancellation Policy

A refund less a $15.00 cancellation fee will be assessed for all cancellations made in writing prior to 10 days before the start of the event. After that time, no refunds will be made.