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Return to the magic and "shining moment" that is Camelot! Young King Arthur hopes to create an idyllic kingdom guided by honor and righteousness, embodied by his Knights of the Round Table. But Arthur's perfect world is an illusion filled with enchantment and pageantry-with glorious melodies, including "If Ever I Would Leave You," "The Simple Joys of Maidenhood" and "The Lusty Month of May."
The first stop on our adventure will be the John Brown Museum and Cabin in Osawatomie. The museum's displays tell the story of John Brown and his abolitionist exploits during the 20 months he spent in Territorial Kansas. Brown and his five sons stayed with Brown's half-sister, Florella Adair, and her husband Samuel. Their cabin is located near the museum.Then we'll travel to Chanute to visit the Safari Museum with its award-winning exhibits and programs highlighting the achievements of Martin and Osa Johnson, pioneering documentary filmmakers, photographers, authors and explorers. We'll relive the Johnson's 1917-1936 adventures in Africa, Borneo and the South Seas.
When bicycles rolled onto the national scene in the 19th century, they frightened horses, upset convention, and quickened the pace of everyday life. A new exhibit explores the impact of bicycling in Lawrence from the 1870s to today, with stories of races, clubs and controversies over bicycles' effects on mobility, clothing, gender, and youth. In this exclusive Osher tour, Curator Brittany Keegan will take you on a ride through the bicycle revolution, showing how it spelled new opportunities for women and children and how Lawrence riders have continued to impact our community through races and trails.
We've planned a full-throttle, three-day visit to St. Louis that includes all the sites-the Arch, Anheuser Busch Brewery, the Art Museum, a Cardinals game, dinner on the Hill, Laclede's Landing, Missouri Botanical Gardens and of course, the St. Louis Zoo!