Course detail: PRWLO - Practical Report Writing for the Line Officer

This course prepares participants through instruction and practice to properly prepare written reports common to the criminal justice/LE community. This course will focus on the structure of reports to include the reason reports are important. Attendees will be able to take good field notes, build a report that best represent what happened on scene, keep the report organized and build a report that will assist in the court hearing process.

This course employs lecture, group/class discussion and written exercises. 

Course Requirements
  • Participants will be required to bring a laptop with a word processing software that can display, edit and print reports. Graded written assessments will be conducted.
Core Competencies 
  • Participants will be able to create a report based upon a given scenario that demonstrates that ability to pull relevant and accurate facts from field notes and convey those facts clearly, using basic grammar skills. 
Who Should Attend
  • All Law Enforcement Personnel
This class IS NOT a KIBRS course! This is a narrative report writing course.

Available sessions