Course detail: LESAC - Law Enforcement Shotgun Armorer Course

Law Enforcement Agencies that deploy Shotguns need qualified Armorers or Rangemasters to service and maintain these weapons on a regular basis. This is a hands-on course that will teach Armorers to maintain, diagnose problems, inspect for wear, and repair their agencies' shotguns. This program follows the manufacturer's guidelines and is taught by FBI and NRA-certified instructors.SWAT Magazine recently featured SLR15 and Greg Sullivan "Sully" (the primary instructor for this course) as a cover story. Sully has also had numerous write ups in Guns & Ammo Magazine, SWAT Magazine, Gun & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine, Shooting Times Magazine, Precision Rifle Magazine, and several other publications.The Shotgun Armoring Course covers the Law Enforcement Duty-type pump shotguns of the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, and the Semi-Automatic Benelli M1-90/M2. All registrants will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with each of these Shotgun Weapon Systems.

  • Headspace and wear inspections
  • Action and function
  • Barrel inspections
  • Fore-end assembly & action bars
  • Bolt assembly (extraction & spring, firing pin, retractor spring, flex-tab cuts)
  • Ejector inspection & replacement
  • Trouble shooting, diagnosis & repair
  • Slide assembly inspection
  • Magazine spring, retainer & followers
  • Shell latches, inspections, adjustment & Replacement
  • Custom accessories & enhancements
  • Maintenance
  • Extractor repair & replacement
  • Ejector repair & replacement

    This program follows the Manufacturer's guidelines and is taught by FBI and NRA Certified Instructors.

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