Course detail: OS20102F - A Learning Tour of Kansas City's Public Art

Kansas City has been called "The Cityof Fountains," but isn't it so much more? Perhaps a better moniker would be"City of Great Public Art!"

Join us as we taketwo tours of Kansas City's most notable artworks. One tour will start inLawrence and another from the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park. Both willvisit dozens of iconic artworks from Downtown to Crown Center to the Plaza, allintroduced and detailed by Ann Wiklund, the Osher Institute's art historian inresidence.

Among the sites we'll see are "BirdLives," the larger- than-life sculpture of jazz great Charlie Parker created byRobert Graham and located at 18th & Vine. We'll travel downtown to seeDonald Lipinsky's 30-foot homage to Rodin, "Rodinrodannadanna and "Corps ofDiscovery" by Eugene Daub, honoring Lewis & Clark in West Terrace Park.

We'll passLawrence-based sculptor Jim Brothers' "Citizen Soldier" at the VFW NationalHeadquarters, "Spider" by Louise Bourgeois and "Crying Giant" by Tom Otternessboth on the grounds of the Kemper Museum, and Roxy Paine's 56-foot silver"Ferment," standing like a sentinel in the Hall Sculpture Garden at theNelson-Atkins Museum.

Amid all this art, we'll stop for lunchat the historic Webster HouseRestaurant near the Kauffman Center. Join us for alifetime of art, all in one day!

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