Course detail: CRTSEC - Courtroom Security and Threat Assessment
Because courthouses are vulnerable to acts of random violence, they must have proper court security procedures, not only protect the safety of the people and property within and around the courts, but also the integrity of the judicial process. While there is no one solution to issues concerning court security, many current security training programs center on reactive verses proactive solutions. Security Threat Assessment Training for the Courtroom is a training program that focuses on proactive methods of predictive assessment of the courtroom environment that will dramatically enhance and improve the Court Security Officer's (CSO), Law Enforcement and Judicial Personnel's Awareness and Threat Detection (ATD) capabilities. These capabilities will give the student the upper edge for detecting and deterring courtroom threats such as active shooters, custody escapes, bomb incidents, emotional confrontations etc. The training teaches methods to accurately assess the courtroom environment and public and gives the student the ability to predict the potential for a threatening event.The program is designed to directly enhance the Court Security Officer or Judicial personnel's capabilities in advanced threat awareness skills and allows for a proactive approach to observe and identify threat indicators that exist in the human and courtroom environment. The program teaches CSO's and Judicial personnel how to establish baselines in their environment and how to recognize certain anomalies that indicate potential threats through human behavior, body language and environmental awareness.

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