Course detail: AERO0430 - Process-Based Management in Aerospace: Defining, Improving and Sustaining Processes
This course covers foundational principles and the tools and techniques of Process Based Management (PBM), and delineates the strategies for successful implementation of PBM in an aerospace organization. Course content focuses on how to depict an enterprise process view, develop process measures, define key components and identify critical success factors to maintain the focus on priority requirements for managing processes to achieve sustainable performance improvements. It includes how this fits with and supports Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and the Toyota Production System. Several aerospace organizational case studies are used to augment the theoretical components.

  • Overview of the aerospace design and manufacturing process(es)
  • Foundational principles of process management
  • Data gathering methods and analysis
  • Identifying, reducing and controlling variation
  • Increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of the designer and production
  • Setting, achieving and holding performance goals
  • Achieving a culture of continuous improvement
Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for managers, engineers, quality, IT and planning professionals in the aerospace industry who are responsible for the identification, implementation and improvement of existing organizational processes and the development of new processes necessary to compete in the future.

Certificate Track
This course is not part of a certificate track.

Classroom hours / CEUs
35 classroom hours
3.5 CEUs

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AERO0430 Course Information and Outline : Process Based Management in Aerospace: Defining, Improving and Sustaining Processes

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