Course detail: AERO0080 - Aircraft Propulsion Systems: Principles and Practices
This course studies the basic principles of propulsion systems with emphasis on jets and fan systems. It also includes the study of inlets and nozzles, compressors, burners, fuels, turbines and jets culminating in design and off-design engine analysis, performance and environmental considerations. The impact of propulsion system integration on external aerodynamics and (noise and IR) signature reduction is also presented, along with an introduction to novel concepts in propulsion.

  • Modern gas turbine engines, Geared Turbofans, ATP
  • Component design guidelines
  • System performance evaluation
  • Propulsion-Airframe Integration
  • Future directions in propulsion and power
Who Should Attend?
  • Practicing engineers in aircraft industry
  • Engineering faculty in the mechanical, aerospace, industrial and power disciplines
  • Engineering students, undergraduates and graduate students
  • Government officials working in the power & propulsion sector
  • Decision makers who need a working knowledge of gas turbines
  • Contractors
Certificate Track
Flight Tests and Aircraft Performance; Aircraft Design

Classroom hours / CEUs
35 classroom hours
3.5 CEUs

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