Course detail: AERO0060 - Aircraft Icing: Meteorology, Protective Systems, Instrumentation and Certification
This course covers the meteorology and physics of aircraft icing. Topics include forecasting, finding and avoiding icing conditions, designing and evaluating ice protection systems, and certification of aircraft for flight into known icing conditions.

  • Descriptions of aircraft icing severities, types and photos
  • Atmospheric aerosols
  • Cloud physics of icing and conceptual cloud modes
  • Ground icing
  • Skew-T, Log P adiabatic diagrams
  • Assessment of icing potential
  • Critical icing parameters, theory and measurements
  • Meteorology of SLD icing
  • Finding and avoiding icing conditions
  • Discussion of sources and meaning of available forecast information
  • Ice accretion characteristics
  • Effects of ice on aircraft performance
  • Anti-ice and de-ice systems
  • Icing instrumentation and detection
  • Effect of SLD on aircraft
  • Engine icing considerations
  • Ice-testing methods
  • Certification and regulations
  • Conceptual methods
Who Should Attend?
Designed for aerospace engineers, flight test and design engineers, test pilots, line pilots, meteorologists, FAA engineers and Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs), and program managers.

Course Fees
Early registration course fee: $2,195 if you register and pay by the early registration deadline (45 days prior to the first day of class).

Regular registration course fee: $2,395 if you register and pay after the early registration deadline.

Canada Department of National Defence Discount
This course is available to Canada DND employees at 10% off the registration fee. Please contact the DND Procurement Authority (DAP 2-3) for details. Please note that you cannot register using our online system when requesting this discount. This discount is available for both the early registration and regular registration fees.

Certificate Track
Aerospace Compliance, Aircraft Maintenance and Safety

Classroom hours / CEUs
28 classroom hours
2.8 CEUs

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Course Resources
AERO0060 Course Information and Outline : Aircraft Icing: Meteorology, Protective Systems, Instrumentation and Certification

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