Course detail: AERO0030 - Aerodynamic Design Improvements: High-Lift and Cruise
This course covers recent advances in high-lift systems and aerodynamics as well as cruise drag prediction and reduction. It includes discussion of numerical methods and experimental techniques for performance analysis of wings and bodies and boundary-layer transition prediction/detection.

  • Aircraft design and the importance of lift and drag on fuel efficiency
  • Reynolds number and Mach number effects on aerodynamic lift and drag
  • CFD-based drag prediction and decomposition
  • Boundary-layer transition prediction and instrumentation/visualization techniques
  • Impact of operational, environmental and manufacturing effects on laminar flow
  • Drag reduction techniques including viscous, wave and induced drag
  • High-lift physics of multi-element systems
  • High-lift wind tunnel and flight testing examples
  • Flow separation control and active flow control techniques (cruise and high-lift conditions)
Who Should Attend?
Designed for engineers and managers involved in the aerodynamic design and analysis of airplanes, rotorcraft and other vehicles.

Course Fees
Early registration course fee: $2,495 if you register and pay by the early registration deadline (45 days prior to the first day of class).

Regular registration course fee: $2,695 if you register and pay after the early registration deadline.

Certificate Track
Aircraft Design

Classroom hours / CEUs
35 classroom hours
3.5 CEUs

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AERO0030 Course Information and Outline : Aerodynamic Design Improvements: High-Lift and Cruise

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